OBJECTIVE OF GODSFORGE: The objective of Godsforge is to defeat all other players, reducing their life value to zero or less. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 22 Creations Cards, 19 Spell Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 30 Veilstones, 17 Dice, 4 Scoring Tokens, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Simultaneous Action Selection Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


Godsforge, the last place that Etherium can be harvested, is now being fiercely battled over. Players will take on the role of elite spellcasters, as they battle with one another to obtain the very thing that keeps them powerful. Players will attack each other, all at the same time, in an attempt to win over Godsforge. Who will win? Who will prevail? 


To begin setup, place the game board in the center of the playing area, with the Veilstones placed on their assigned space. Each player should receive four dice. Any remaining sets can be returned to the box. A scoring token for each player is placed on the board, with the location depending on the number of players.  

If there are two players, then they will begin the game with thirty life, three players begin at twenty-five life, and four players begin at twenty life. The reference cards may be given to the players or placed on the tables, but it should be ensured that they are removed from the deck. The deck is then shuffled, and four cards are dealt to each player. Players are allowed to look at their own cards, but they should avoid looking at others.  

The remaining cards can be placed on the board, face down, on the Fate Deck space. The game is then ready to begin. 


Throughout the course of the game, the players will use their dice and cards to setup defenses, attack opponents, and collect valuable resources. Gameplay occurs in the following four phases: Upkeep Phase, Forge Roll, Reveal Phase, and Attack Phase. All of these phases must be completed in the correct order. During each phase, the players will complete their actions at the same time.  

The players will all roll dice at the same time, use cards at the same time, and no player may move on to the next phase until everyone has completed the current phase. Once all of the phases have been completed, the next round begins. 

During the Upkeep Phase, players will eliminate any cards that they wish, and they will draw new cards to refresh their hand. During the Forge Roll, the players will roll their dice and use them to pay for certain cards. This allows them to pay to use the actions found on the cards. The Reveal Phase allows for players to reveal the cards that they chose from the previous phase. Finally, the Attack Phase consists on the players attacking one another.  

As a player is attacked, their life totals is decreased. Once a player reaches the bottom of the life track, their game comes to an end.  


The game comes to an end when only one player remains. This occurs when all players, except for one, have a life value of zero or less. The player that remains is declared the winner of the Godsforge. 

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