OBJECTIVE OF GRAVE ROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE: The objective of Grave Robbers From Outer Space is to have the strongest movie when the credits roll.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Two to Six Players

MATERIALS: 120 Game Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages thirteen and up


This game is perfect for those people who like to nerd out on Science Fiction. Characters, locations, and plots from various fiction films throughout the decades are combined, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect sci-fi movie! The goal is to create the strongest movie, by adding the Defense Strength of the characters, locations, and plots!


Firstly, the group will choose someone to be the dealer. The dealer will shuffle the deck and deal six cards to each players. Players must then check their cards for characters. If any player does not have a character in their hand, then they must discard their hand and draw six more cards.

Players will then reveal their characters by placing them directly in front of them face up. The game is then ready to begin.


When a card is played, the quote found on the card must be read out loud to the group, or else it is not considered to be in play. Players may refresh their hands to the maximum of six cards before playing cards. Playing cards only has three restrictions. Players cannot change their opponent’s movies within the first round, and they may not end the game until the first two rounds have been played. Players may only play as many props as they have characters, only giving one to each character.

Players are allowed to take a prop from one of their characters and give it to another, but this is considered to be one of the props played. Players can also change their own location and the location of their opponent’s, decreasing their Defense Strength.

Each Creature card has an attack strength, and they may be used to attack other player’s movies throughout the course of the game. If the Defense Strength of the movie is less than the attack strength of the creature, then the player with the creature chooses a character to die. This character card is then played into the discard pile.

During their turn, players may play to their own characters and attack another player’s character. Players may play special effects cards at any point throughout the game, including during other player’s turns. After their turn is complete, a player announces it and the player on their left begins their turn.

When the draw pile has no more cards, or a player plays the “Roll the Credits” card, the game comes to an end, and points are tallied.


The game comes to an end when a player plays the “Roll the Credits” card. All of the movies are then scored for their Defense Strength. The movie with the highest Defense Strength wins the game.

Nakoa Davis