OBJECT OF HERD MENTALITY: The object of Herd Mentality is to be the first player to collect 8 cows.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 20 players

MATERIALS: 1 Pink Cow, 1 3-D Cardboard Cow Paddock, Cow Tokens, Question Cards, and Answer Pads

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



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Can you blend into the crowd? That’s the goal of Herd Mentality! One player will read the question to the group. All other players must then attempt to answer the question in the way they expect all other players to answer. 

If you blend, you earn a cow. If you are the odd one out, then you may earn the dreaded pink cow, making it impossible to win the game while it is in your possession. Stay with the crowd, give simple answers, and the game could be yours. 


To begin setup, construct the 3-D cow paddock in the center of the group. Fill it with cow tokens, this will be where the players collect their cows from. Next, place the pink cow on top of the tokens. 

The group will then choose a Question Wrangler. They will be in charge of reading the questions throughout the course of the game.

Give everyone an answer pad and a pencil. The game is ready to begin! 


The Question Wrangler will begin the game by reading a question prompted by the question card. All players will then write an answer on their answer sheet. The goal is to write the same answer as everyone else. Remember, keep that herd mentality. 

After everyone has answered, go around the group and have each player read their answer aloud. If a player’s answer matches the majority, they earn one cow. If there is a majority tie, then none of the players earn a cow.

If all players but one have the same answer, the odd man out gets to keep the pink cow! This is severe punishment for not sticking with the herd mentality.

If a player has the pink cow, they are unable to win the game, but they can continue to earn cows.

The only way to rid yourself of the pink cow is if another player is the odd man out. In that situation, you can then pass the pink cow to them.

Continue to play the game until a player earns eight cows.


The game is over when a player collects eight cows! This player is the winner.


How many people can play Herd Mentality?

Herd mentality is playable for groups of 4 to 20 players.

Is Herd Mentality a good family party game?

Herd mentality is a great party game to play with the family. It’s suitable for ages 10 and up and does not contain any NSFW content.

Who makes Herd Mentality?

Herd mentality is made by Big potato games. They also make lots of other party games.

How do you win Herd Mentality?

To win herd mentality you first want to win cows. To win cows you must think like the herd. A question will be asked and you must answer. If your answer is the odd one out then you earn the pink cow and your herd is useless until you can get rid of it. However if your answer is in the majority you win a cow. The first player to win 8 cows without a pink cow in their herd wins the game.

Nakoa Davis