OBJECT OF INCOHEARENT: The object of Incohearent is to be the first player to reach thirteen points.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more players 

MATERIALS: 500 Playing Cards, 1 Sand Timer, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Incohearent is a hilarious party game that will have all the players laughing halfway through round one. The Judge will turn a card, showing an Incohearent phrase. Players will then read the card aloud and try and decipher what the phrase actually is. Will you be able to hear it before anyone else? Get thirteen of them right and win the game!

Expansion packs are available to accommodate more players or add more family friendly gameplay.


To setup the game simply shuffle all of the cards and separate them into three piles, depending on color. These will create the three categories, Party, Pop culture, and Kinky. Designate a player to be the first Judge. The game is ready to begin!


The Judge will draw a card and show the backside to the other players. The correct answer will be facing the other players, or the Translators. The Judge will immediately flip the sand timer over, and the other players will attempt to guess the saying by saying it aloud.

The round will come to an end when the timer ends or when three cards have been guessed correctly. The Judge is allowed to give one hint per round.  After the round has come to an end, the next player, rotating counterclockwise around the group, will become the new Judge.

When a player guesses a card correctly, they may keep the card and earn one point. When a player has won thirteen points, the came comes to an end. 


The game ends when a player earns thirteen points! This player is declared the winner.

Nakoa Davis