OBJECT OF JAMAICAN AND CARIBBEAN PARTNER DOMINOES: The object of Jamaican and Caribbean Partner Dominoes is for your team to score 6 points in a row without the other team scoring.


MATERIALS: A set of 28 double six domino tiles, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Domino Game

AUDIENCE: Teen, Adult


Jamaican and Caribbean Partner Dominoes is a domino game for 4 players. The object of the game is to score 6 or more points over your opponents without them scoring at all.

It’s a partnership game so there will be two teams of two. Partners will sit across from each other.


The tiles are shuffled, and each player is handed 7 tiles.


For the first round and for any rounds where the previous one ended in a tie, the player holding the double 6 tile starts the game. The double 6 is used to start the layout.

For all other rounds, the previous winner of the last round starts the new one. The team may decide which player will start the round after receiving their tiles but may not tell each other which tiles they hold. They may start the layout with any tile.

The play proceeds from the first player counterclockwise. On a player’s turn, they will play a single tile to one of either end of the board. Dominos played must match one end of the layout with one end of the played domino. Doubles are played to the layout at right angles. If a player does not have a tile to play, they must pass their turn.

Outside of the starting team discussing who will play first, players must not talk or gesture in any way about their hands or tiles to their partner.

When all but one of the occurrences of a number is played and the last one can be played to the end of the layout this is called a hard end. This means there is only one tile that can continue the layout on this side.

The round ends either when a player plays all their tiles to the layout, or when the layout has no possible plays left on it.


After the round ends the winner is determined. If a player plays out all their tiles their team is the winner of the round. If it ends with a blocked layout the winner is the team with the individual whose remaining tiles have the fewest number of spots. If two players tie for the least number of spots the round ends in a tie.

For the most part, the winners of the round will score one point, but two points are possible.

If the layout has two differing hard ends at each end, and there is only one remaining tile that can legally be played, this tile is called the key tile. If a player plays the key tile as their last tile and wins, they will score an additional point. However, if the key tile played was a double this extra point is not scored.

In the event of a tie, neither team scores a point.

When scoring a team will add their points to their score and may continue to add to this total until they reach 6 points and win the game, or their opponents score a point. When the opposing team scores your score is reset to 0.


The game ends when a team scores 6 points without the opposing team scoring anything. This team wins.

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