OBJECTIVE OF JO-JOTTE: The objective of Jo-Jotte is to be the player with the most points after the end of two games.


MATERIALS: 32 Card Deck, Paper, and Pencil

TYPE OF GAME:  Trick Taking Card Game



Jo-Jotte is a trick taking game perfect for couples who need to work through issues. This game is a hybrid of Contract Bridge and Belote. This game allows players to be ruthless and cruel in an attempt to score as many tricks as possible. The player who wins two games, wins the argument!


Setup s score sheet with four parts, separating the paper into four quadrants. Bonuses and melds will be reported on the top half of the sheet, and tricks are scored on the bottom half of the sheet.

Shuffle the deck and deal six cards to each player. The next card is revealed, facing up in the middle of the playing area. The deck can be placed to the side. The game is ready to begin.

Card Ranking:

From low to high, the cards are ranked as follows: seven, eight, nine, Jack, Queen, King, two, and ace.


The player who is not the dealer will fix the trump suit. They can choose to allow the revealed card in the center to decide or pass. The dealer then has the same choice if that player passes. Once a trump card is decided, the opposing player can double the bid. This doubles their winnings or penalty.

The player who decides the trump suit becomes the Declarer. The other player is named the Defender. The goal of each player is to take more tricks than the other. Three more cards are then dealt to each player.

After the players have looked over their hands, they may declare melds. Melds consist of two combinations of cards. Four of a kind scores the player 100 points, and it is made up of four cards of the same rank. Sequences consist of a run of three or more cards. A run of three scores 20 points, four scores 40 points, and 5 or more scores 50 points.

The Defender is the first to declare their melds, the Declarer gets to go first. The Defender leads the first trick. The other player then plays a card. They must attempt to follow suit or play a trump if they have no cards of the same suit.

The King and Queen of the trump suit is a combination called Jo-Jotte. They score 20 points. Gameplay continues in this manner until the players have no more cards in their hands. Points are tallied, cards shuffled, and a new game begins!


Jack of Trump- 20 points per card

9 of Trump- 15 points per card

10 of Trump- 10 points per card

King and Queen of Trump- 5 points per card

Aces and Other Kings-10 points per card

Other Queens and Jacks- 5 points per card


The game comes to an end after two games have been played. Points are tallied for both games, and the player with the most points, wins!

Nakoa Davis