OBJECTIVE OF JUNGLE SPEED: The objective of Jungle Speed is to get rid of all your cards as fast as possible by grabbing the totem at the right moment.


MATERIALS: 80 cards, one totem

TYPE OF GAME: fast-paced observation and reflex game

AUDIENCE: teen, children, adult


Jungle Speed is a fast-paced, frantic game full of twists and turns, where each player must constantly watch the other players’ cards to catch the totem placed in the centre at the right time. However, there are pitfalls, and mistakes are costly. So you have to stay focused.


The totem is placed in the centre of the game table, then the dealer deals all the cards one by one face down to each player. The cards pile of a player is called his “reserve”.


The Jungle Speed is composed of 80 cards, 72 of which have various shapes, in 4 colours: purple, green, orange and yellow. The remaining 8 cards are special cards.

A player (chosen at random) starts, unveils a card from his draw pile and places it in front of him. A new pile is thus formed, called his “discard pile”.

The other players do the same one after the other in clockwise order.

Players shall always play with only one hand.
Cards must be turned over towards the other players so that the player turning his card over does not see it before the others, which otherwise could lead to accusation of cheating.

When two players return the same design (colour is not important), there is a duel:

  • The first of the two players who catches the Totem wins the duel (the other players shall not intervene).
  • The loser takes his opponent’s discard, his own discard and the cards from the pot and places them face down under his reserve.
  • Multi-Duel: If several players have to receive cards after losing a duel, the winner chooses how they are distributed among the losers.

After a duel, the game is resumed normally, starting with the loser.

The special cards are divided into 3 different types:

  • Arrows pointing inwards. When this card is turned over, the first player who has grasped the totem places his discard pile underneath it. The pile of cards under the totem is called the “pot”.
  • Arrows pointing outwards. All players turn over a card at the same time. Be careful and look around quickly in case a card with the same symbol appears!
  • Coloured arrows. As soon as this card appears, it is the colours and no longer the shapes that trigger the duels. It is therefore possible for a duel to start immediately. The effects of this card cease as soon as one of these 3 events occurs:
    • The Totem falls
    • A duel happens
    • Another special card is returned

Important notes:

  • As long as the visible card of a discard pile is not covered, it can provoke a duel.
  • Some of the cards look the same while they are slightly different.
  • Litigation: In case of doubt as to who caught the totem first, the player with the most fingers in contact with the totem is considered to have won the duel. In the event of a tie, the player with the hand underneath is declared the winner.
  • If the totem falls when a player tries to grab it or did not have to, that player picks up the pot and all the cards from all players’ discard piles. So be clever and careful!


The winner of the game is the one who discards all his cards first. The game can if you wish be stopped or continued by the remaining players.

Enjoy! 😊

Nakoa Davis