OBJECTIVE OF KILLER BUNNIES AND THE QUEST FOR THE MAGIC CARROT: The objective of Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is to be the player who collects the Magic Carrot.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Two to Eight Players

MATERIALS: 165 Large Cards, 36 Small Cards, Vouchers, Six 12 sided Dice, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages thirteen and up


Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot is an action filled card game, in which you have to watch your opponents’ every move. They are trying to kill your bunnies while defending their own, and you are doing the same! Keep as many bunnies alive as possible, but do not forger, your opponents have weapons, and they will stop at nothing to off your precious hoppers!


Place the players in a circle around the playing area. Shuffle the small cards and place them to the side within reach of all of the players. The Kaballa’s starter card and big carrot cards are placed beside the small cards.

Remove the large cards from the box and shuffle them together. Each player should then be dealt seven cards. If players have Dolla cards, they are to place those in their savings. If they have Immediately Play cards, then those get discarded. Each player should ensure that they have a bunny in their hand.

Players will then place their bunnies face down in front of them. At once, all players will reveal their bunnies and the game will begin!


Players will place two cards down in front of them, and these cards will be their first and second run card. The first player is determined by the group. This player will attempt to kill someone’s bunny, as will each player taking their turn after them.

If a bunny killer is placed on your bunny, you must roll the dice in an attempt to save them. If the dice roll is of greater value than the number found on the card, then the bunny is saved. If it is less than the number on the card, the bunny must go into the player’s discard pile.

Players may also play a Feed the Bunny card. When this card is played, the player must spend bunny money to buy cabbage and water in order to feed their bunny. If they are unable to do so, then their bunny perishes and is placed in the discard pile.

Play immediately cards must be played as soon as they are drawn. Players must be cautious that they do not kill their own bunny when playing these cards. Gameplay continues in this manner, flip, draw, slide, and replace until a player has won the Magic Carrot.


Players must have at least one bunny in order for them to win the game! The small deck of Carrot cards is used to determine the winner. The last card is considered to be the Magic Carrot. The player with a matching Carrot card wins the game!

Nakoa Davis