OBJECTIVE OF LEGENDARY ENCOUNTERS: The objective of Legendary Encounters is for the players to complete three objectives together in order to beat the aliens.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 5 Players

MATERIALS: 5 Secret Revealed Cards, 15 Agenda Cards, 36 Alien Cards, 4 Alien Game pieces, 40 Strikes, 14 Hatchery Cards, 24 /drone Cards, 132 Hive Cards, 12 Objectives, 4 Locations, 224 Character Cards, 10 Sergeants, 25 Grunts, 35 Specialists, 10 Role Character Cards, 10 Role Game pieces, 1 Game board, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 17 and Up


Legendary Encounters is an interesting deck building game that is out of this world! In this cooperative game, a group of one to five players must attempt to complete three objectives together. Either all of the players win, or all of the players lose. Players recruit characters to their team, fight alien hoards, and attempt to get out alive!


Firstly, each player is given a 12- card stack which includes seven specialists and five grunts. Players will then take turns choosing a role, collecting the game piece and card associated with it. Avatars are placed in front of the corresponding player. Health shows how much damage the player can take.

To organize the cards, the players use the Barracks, Hive, Objective, Location, Hatchery, Strikes, and Sergeant spaces on the board. Shuffle each of the decks of cards and place them on their assigned place on the gameboard.

Location and Objectives

Objectives are labeled one through three, and each game will use one of each in the correct order.

The Hive

Each objective has a deck of Hive cards that is associated with it. The mini decks should be stacked so that the cards for Objective one are on the top, and the cards for Objective three are on the bottom. A number of Drone cards equal to the number of players in the game are also shuffled into each of the three mini-decks.

The Barracks

In order to build the Barracks, players will choose four characters and shuffle the cards associated with those characters together, totaling a deck of 56 cards.


The Four Phases

The Hive Phase is the first phase. Players will put the top card from the Hive face down into the Complex, in the first space. Other cards may be added if necessary, but once a card is pushed into the Combat Zone, it can attack. Cards should only be pushed forward if another card needs to be added.

The Action Phase occurs immediately after the Hive Phase. Players play cards from their hand to fight the aliens. Each time a card is played, the player must do what it says, earns recruit points, and earns attacks. The cards a player plays must remain in front of them until their turn comes to an end. Players are not required to play every card in their hand.

The Strike Phase occurs when each enemy strikes. Attacks occur from right to left in the Combat Zone. When an enemy strikes, the player must draw a card from the strike pile, determining the effects. Strikes contain an attack value most commonly, and those strikes are placed next to the Avatar. If the strike damage is greater than the Avatar’s health, then all of the player’s cards are removed, and another player must try to win.

The Cleanup Phase occurs when players discard their hands and draw six additional cards from their deck. If any player does not have enough cards in their deck to refresh their hand with six cards, they may shuffle their discard pile to form a new deck. Players’ discard piles cannot be shuffled until they have no more cards to draw out of their original deck.


Some characters have abilities that are paired with them. Players can only use those abilities if they have already played another card of that class. They are only allowed to use the ability once, even if they have two cards of the same class.

Recruiting, Scanning Rooms, and Fighting

Between playing card, players can recruit characters, scan rooms, and fight enemies. They can do this at any time in whatever order. The HQ portion of the board contains five characters in the Barracks.  Players are able to spend recruit points equal to the cost of the character in order to add them to their deck by placing it into their discard pile, as it will be used later.

There are cards hidden in the Complex. In order to scan a room for a hidden card, spend attack points equal to the cost to scan the room. The hidden card is then revealed, allowing players to fight an enemy if it is there before it makes it to the Combat Zone.

When a hidden card is turned faceup, which may occur during scanning or when it reaches the Combat Zone, certain things are revealed. If an enemy is revealed, it remains where it is and moves throughout the complex. If an event is revealed, players are to follow the event ability found on their Objective. If hazards are revealed, it triggers the hazard ability found on the location.

When an enemy is revealed, players are able to fight it. Players can fight any number of enemies, as long as it occurs once at a time. In order to fight, spend the attack points equal to the enemy’s attack value to kill it. Players are only allowed to fight enemies if they have enough attack to kill it. Leftover attack points can then be used to fight other enemies or scan rooms.

Objective Cards

There are numerous types of objectives. Different ones require different things. Players are only allowed to work on one objective at a time. When one is completed, players are able to immediately move to the next. Players have to finish objective one before objective two and objective two before objective three. Some objectives require different setup, so the players must follow the instructions given on the cards.

All objective threes require that players kill at least one specific alien. They are considered the “Final Enemy”, and that will be stated on their cards. They are only to be fought in objective three.

Character Classes and Crews

Intel: Intel characters gain information, scan rooms, and draw cards.

Leadership: Leadership characters create extra Recruit Points and extra characters.

Strength: Strength characters generate attack and kill unwanted cards.

Survival: Survival characters aid in avoiding strikes and heal players.

Tech: Tech characters are able to do many of the tasks of the other characters, move enemies, and copy other cards.

The crews are the Nostromo, the Fury- 161, the Betty, and the Colonial Marines.


The game may come to an end two different ways. If at least one player survives and three objectives are completed, the players win the game. If all of the players are destroyed before they are able to complete their objectives, the players lose.

Nakoa Davis