OBJECT OF LITTLE SPIDER SOLITAIRE: The objective of Little Spider Solitaire is to build four foundations, two beginning with an ace and ending with a King, and two beginning with a King and ending with an ace.


MATERIALS: One 52 Card Deck

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire Card Game

AUDIENCE: Teenagers and Up


Little Spider is a solitaire game unlike the ones you have played before! It allows you to make a ton of choices on your own. Are you strategic enough to place the cards in their designated place without messing up? On average, players are able to beat the game fifty percent of the time. Grab a deck of cards and try and beat those odds!


To begin setup, deal all of the cards into four facing up piles placed in two rows. Make sure to leave room between for a third row, this is where the foundations will be. The two rows will be referred to as the upper and lower tableau.

While dealing the cards into the piles, remove two of the aces of the same color, either both black or both red into the third row, also known as the foundation row. Do the same thing with the two Kings from the color opposite of what you chose for the aces. The game is now ready to begin!


While moving cards around to complete the four foundations there are some rules and strategies that must be followed. An exposed card found on one tableau may be moved to another stack in the tableau when it is done in rank order. Aces are considered higher than Kings, but they are also considered to be lower than twos.

When a stack has been exhausted and an empty place is available, it must remain empty. When cards are moved to foundations, they must be of the same suit and in proper rank order depending on the foundation. Once a card is placed into a foundation, they must stay there.

Cards in the higher tableau are able to be played to any foundation as long as ranking is correct and it is of the same suit. In the lower tableau, cards may only be played to foundations directly above it if the suit and ranking are correct.

Moving cards about around the tableau is the key to winning the game. Do not rush to finish foundations as you may need those cards to access new cards. Attempt to stack the cards in the tableau so that they are in the opposite order of what they will be played, allowing you to easily build foundations.


The game comes to an end when all four foundations have been completed or when there are no other moves to be made. If you complete all four foundations, you win the game! If you do not, then you do not win the game.

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Nakoa Davis