OBJECTIVE OF LOADED QUESTIONS The objective of Loaded Questions is to collect 8 VIP cards before any other player.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 6 Players

MATERIALS: Spinner and Spinner Board, 308 Question Cards, 55 VIP Cards, Answer Pad, Pencils, and Directions

TYPE OF GAME:  Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: 17 and Up


Loaded Questions is the best game for players that think they know everything about their friends. Players will read questions aloud, and attempt to match players with answers. If they are able to do it correctly, they may collect more points. Do you know everyone as well as you think? Can you guess what ridiculous answers your friends chose?


Firstly, set up the spinner board by attaching the spinner to the board. Place the board in the center of the table where all players can easily access it. Divide the question cards and VIP cards, placing either deck on both sides of the board facing down.

All players will then take an answer sheet from the pad and a pencil. Every player should write their name at the top of their paper. The shortest player will begin the game.


The players will take turns. During a turn, the player will flick the spinner, choose a question card and read the question that matches the color found on the spinner aloud to the group. If the player lands on a choose portion of the board, they may choose whichever question they want to read.

If they land on the steal or give portion of the board, the player must follow the directions on the board. If there are no VIP cards to steal or give, then they are out of luck. After the question has been asked, each player will write their answer on their sheet.

The answers are then gathered and shuffled, and they are given to the player on the question reader’s right. The player will read all of the answers aloud to the group. The question reader will then choose whichever answer they like the most and guess which player wrote the answer.

If they guess correctly, they get to choose a VIP card from the deck. If they match all of the answers, they get another VIP card. Players should place their VIP cards directly in front of them so that they keep up with their score. Gameplay continues clockwise around the group until a player has scored 8 VIP cards.


The game comes to an end when a player has collected 8 VIP cards. If two players do it at the same time, then they both win the game!

Nakoa Davis