OBJECT OF MEDIUM: The object of Medium is to score the most points at the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 8 players

MATERIALS: 270 Medium cards, 8 physic link cards, 8 clear mind cards, 16 divide cards, 3 crystal ball cards, 54 mind-meld tokens (18 1st attempt, 18 2nd attempt, and 18 3rd attempt tokens).

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Medium is a party card game for 2 to 8 players. In this game, players are trying to find which of them has the most physic abilities. This is done by pairing with players and trying to read each other’s minds. The pair who does the best in this will be the winner. 


First, it should be determined how the game will be played. If there are more than 2 players but an even number players can either pair up with the player sitting directly in front of them or as with odd number groups they can pair with both their right and left player. 

After determining the pairs of players, the deck will be constructed. The 270 medium cards are split into groups of 13 and are labeled for players to be able to easily distinguish. Players should take as many decks as there are players minus 1. So, for a 5-player game 4 of the 18 card groups should be used to make the final deck. After picking your sets of cards you will need to add the crystal balls. Shuffle the deck and split it as evenly as possible without counting into three stacks. The 3 crystal ball cards are placed on the third portion of the deck and shuffled. The remaining stacks are stacked on top of the last 3rd portion. 

Then each player should be dealt 6 cards each. The mind-melding tokens should all be placed facedown and separated into their three piles in the center of the play area. Then finally the first player should be chosen randomly. 


On a player’s turn, they will start by facing their partner. If playing with partners to your left and right, on your turn you always face your partner to your left. You will both look at your hand and choose a single card from it. Then together you will both reveal your cards as you say them out loud. Now both you will look at the two cards and try to find a connection between the two. You do this silently. 

After thinking of your world will again face your partner. Then counting down as to say it at the same time you both will state your medium word. If you match you take a mind-meld token from the 1st pile. if not, you have 2 more chanced to match. On your second attempt, you will use the words you and your partner said instead of the words on the cards, the same for the 3rd attempt. When finding your word, you cannot use any previously used words for this round nor can you use the words on the cards. You are not allowed to be silent, if this happens your turn is automatically over. If you cannot mind meld by the third attempt your turn is also over. 

You and your partner will refill your hand to 6 and discard your used card before passing your turn to your partner. 


Once the third crystal call card is drawn the game is over. You will finish the round so that all players have had the same number of turns then scoring will begin. 


You will count up your points with each partner, so if playing with 2 partners you will have 2 separate scores. The team with the highest score is the winners. 


There are ESP cards or Extra Special Power cards that can be used during games with more than 2 players. Each player receives one of each card, and if they are not used during the game they are worth 2 points each for scoring. Only one of these cards can be sued in a turn by all players so the first player to flip their card gets to use it. There are two types of cards a physic link and a clear mind card. 

The physic link card allows a player to participate in an opposing team’s turn. You will now attempt to guess the word of at least one of the teammates. This will have 4 possible ends. You will all say the same word, in which case you all take a 1st attempt card. you match with a single player of that team, in this case, you take a 1st attempt token, and the team continues to try and match without you for a second attempt. No players match, this results in no one getting a 1st attempt token and the teammates attempt a second try without you. And finally, the partners match but you don’t, they receive a 1st attempt token and you get nothing. 

The clear mind card allows you to discard any number of cards from your hand and draw back up to 6 cards. any crystal call cards revealed this way still count towards the end of the game. 

In 2 player games there is not a winner but instead you and your partner attempt to score as many points as possible. ESP cards are not used but the deck set up and gameplay remains the same. 

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