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OBJECTIVE:  The first person to collect all ten Bananya types wins the game

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 – 4 players

MATERIALS:  a deck of 64 Bananya cards, 4 reference cards, 1 rulebook

TYPE OF GAME: Card game




Bananya is a card collecting game featuring the kitty who lives in a banana.  Players will draw and discard one card each turn.  Most cards have a special power that is activated after being discarded.  With the special powers and a bit of luck, be the first to collect at least one copy of each Bananya type.  The first to do so wins the game.


BANANYA content

The sixty-four card deck contains six copies of ten different Bananyas.  Most of the cards have special powers.  There are also four mouse cards.  Bananya’s box lid is used as the discard tray.  This discard tray is called the litter box.  A set of four reference cards detail all of the Bananya card powers.  One English rulebook is also included.


BANANYA gameplay

Each player receives a reference card that details all of the special powers.  Powers are also described on the cards.  Shuffle the Bananya deck and give each player seven cards.  The rest of the cards are put face down next to the litter box (the box lid).  


Play is simple.  On your turn, draw a single card from the draw pile or the top of the discard pile which is located in the litter box.  After drawing, choose one card from your hand and discard it to the litter box.  If you discard a card with a power, that power is activated immediately.  Powers are not activated when a player is forced to discard from their hand.

Turn order continues clockwise until the win condition is met.

Baby Bananya forces whoever played it to discard one card.  Bananya has no effect.  Bananyako forces all players to pass their hand one person to the left.  The Bananya Bunch card makes all players draw one card.  Calico Bananya allows the player to choose any one card from the litter box and add it to their hand.  Playing the Daddy lets you draw an additional card.  Long Haired Bananya gives the player the power to choose one person to lose their next turn.  Go again by playing the Mackerel Tabby.  After playing the Pirate Bananya, name a Bananya type.  All players must give it to you if they have it.  Pick a card from a player’s hand by playing the Tabby.  Finally, the Mouse forces all players to shuffle their hand and pass the top card one person to the right.


At any time during the game, shout NYA after collecting ten different cards.  You must have at least one of each type.  The Mouse does not count as a one.  Shouting NYA without having all ten card types incurs a penalty: you must shuffle your hand and discard two cards from it.

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