OBJECT OF MENAGERIE: The object of Menagerie is to collect all of the cards into your deck.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 or more players. 

MATERIALS: A standard deck of 52 cards, slips of paper, pencils, a container, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: War Card Game



Menagerie is a war card game for 4 or more players. The goal of the game is to collect the whole 52 card deck into your deck pile.

In Menagerie, players will have equal parts of the deck that they slowly reveal. Each player also has a word associated with them. When players see their card matches any other players they must shout this word 3 times before their opponent in order to collect their revealed cards.  


Players should all decide on a theme for the game. It can be animals, colors, cities, anything. Then each player will come up with a word. Words should all be on an equal level of difficulty to pronounce, so don’t write duck when someone else writes in wallaby.

Once all players have thought of a word it is written on a slip of paper. These papers are shaken in a container and each player randomly draws one. The word written on your slip is the word associated with you for the remainder of the game.

Players should take some time to become familiar with each player’s word and their own.

A random player will be elected dealer and then will shuffle the deck before dealing. Each player is dealt a face-down pile of cards as equally as possible.

Card Ranking

The ranking for this game does not matter. You will just be viewing if a card matches the rank of yours.


Simultaneously all players will flip the top card of their facedown deck to starts a revealed card pile.  Then players will look and see if their card matches any of the other revealed cards. if there is a match the player who notices should try to shout the other player’s word three times in a row without messing up. The other matching player may also try to do the same. Whichever player says their opponent’s word three times in a row correctly will receive the other player’s complete revealed pile. This will be added to the bottom of the winning players’ facedown deck.

If there are no matching cards players can see then players will again flip the next facedown card simultaneously.

This is repeated until a single player has achieved their goal of collecting all of the cards into their deck.


The game ends once a single player has collected all 52 cards of the deck. This player is the winner of the game.

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