OBJECTIVE OF MIND THE GAP: The objective of Mind the Gap is to be the first team to progress completely around the game board.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players 

MATERIALS: 4 Team Cubes, 1 Die, 1 Game Board, 1 Sand Timer, Question Cards, and Instructions  

TYPE OF GAME: Trivia Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 10 and Up 


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Mind the Gap is a multigenerational trivia board game for players ranging from 10 years old to Boomers. Players are able to separate into teams, or they may play individually if there are not enough. Depending on the group, players may choose to work cooperatively, or they may pit the generations against each other. Which generation is the best? Rather than arguing, let the game decide for you. 


To begin setup, place the game board in the center of the playing area, between the players. The cards are shuffled, ensuring that you do not intermix the generations. Each set of cards are placed on their assigned space on the board. The challenge cards are placed in the center of the board. 

Next, players will break into teams. The way in which the teams are chosen depends on the players. They may choose to split into generational groups, where each group is made up of a certain generation. On the other hand, the players may choose to put at least one person from each generation in each team. Each team’s cube will be placed on their assigned color.  

Choose a team to go first, and the game is ready to begin!  


The game is played over the course of turns, rotating clockwise around the group. The first team will choose a category from the generation that they are beginning with.  If the team is able to correctly answer their question, then they have a chance to roll the dice and progress around the board, ending their turn. If they do not answer the question correctly, then their turn comes to an end, and they lose their opportunity to progress any further around the board.  

The players are able to correctly identify their question cards by the icons found on them. Each of the five categories has four icons, with each one dictating which generation the question comes from. When the team is progressing around the board, they may land on different spaces. If a space has a star, then the team may choose a player to draw a Challenge Card.  

This player will read the instructions on the card, and if they accept, then they will have sixty seconds to get their team to correctly guess the challenge. To keep up with the time, use the sand timer during this time. If the team does correctly answer, then they will roll and continue their turn. If they are not able to answer it correctly, then their turn comes to an end, and they have to attempt another Challenge Card before they are able to move forward.  


The game comes to an end when a team has completely progressed around the board. The first team to do so, wins! If the players want, they may continue to play until the other groups have also made it, ensuring that the other teams have a chance to place.  

The generational gap is made ridiculously obvious as players answer various trivia questions from five different categories. So, Mind the Gap and have fun!

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