OBJECTIVE OF MOVING THE STARS: To be the player that wins the most cards. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players 

COMPONENTS: 6 player boards, 36 colored star tokens (6 sets of 6 each), a deck of cards and a rules sheet. 

TYPE OF GAME: Racing Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 5 and Up 


Players race to be the first to arrange their stars to replicate the flipped card. The game helps develop eye-to-hand coordination as well as recognition of colors and patterns. It’s a game that is sure to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.  


Every player is given a player board and a set of 6 same-colored stars. 

The deck of cards is shuffled by a player and placed face down in the center of the play area. 

A player is chosen to flip the first card which must be taken from the top of the card deck. 


The first player chosen flips the card on top of the deck and places it where it can be easily seen by all the players. 

Players then race to arrange their own stars on their individual boards to replicate how they see the stars arranged from their view. The player boards are designed in grids of 12 boxes and these boxes help in determining the accuracy of the placement of the stars.  

If a player decides that they have successfully arranged their stars, they raise their hands off the board and then shout “Galaxy” 

A player can not adjust his stars after shouting the word “Galaxy”. 

The other players continue to arrange their stars and shout ‘galaxy’ as well when they are done in the hope that the other players may have erred in their arrangements and they could get the chance of winning the round. 

All cards are then checked to see if indeed the players successfully got the arrangement. The player with the correct arrangement who was first in time wins the card. Both speed and accuracy are determining factors in choosing who wins the card. 

An example would be where the flipped card does not have all the stars appearing on it, the players must be careful to notice which colour of the star has not been used and thus missing from the card so that they do not use it as well. If they mistakenly do, their card will not be accepted. 

Also, the correct placement of the stars is a necessity for the player to win the card as players’ stars must be in the exact same position as they are shown on the card being replicated. 

If a player places a green star where a blue star is meant to be placed, even though they have followed the correct pattern or formation, placing the wrong-colored star in the wrong position is tantamount to losing that card in that round. 

All used cards are placed in a discard pile face up. 

Play continues clockwise 


The game ends when the cards are all used up or when the players decide to end the game. The winner is the player with the most cards. 

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