OBJECTIVE OF MY GIFT OF GRACE:  The objective of My Gift of Grace is to fill out all of the cards in your deck

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or More Players

MATERIALS: 1 My Gift of Grace Box, Question Cards, Statement Cards, Action Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 18 and Up


My Gift of Grace is a game filled with heavy conversations. This can be played with friends or family, but everyone needs their own box of cards, as it will be a box full of details about one of the most personal parts of their lives. Players will discuss questions and statements that they have written regarding the end of their lives, or the lives of others.


Each player will bring their own box of My Gift of Grace cards. This is so that each player may be able to refer to them after the game has come to an end. Players will first remove their cards from the boxes and separate them into different piles.

Players can decide here what topics will be off the table. Some boundaries should be set in order to keep all players comfortable as the game continues.


 During each turn, players will act together, each filling out either a question card or a statement card. The first player of the groups choosing will then read their card aloud. The group will then begin a discussion, always being respectful of other players in the group.

If the conversation begins to die, the other statement or question cards may be read in order to extend the conversation or to move onto a new topic. The player on the left of the first player will initiate the next conversation. Gameplay continues in this manner until all players have completed all of the cards found in their box.

Card Types

Question Cards: Question cards contain questions regarding end-of-life topics. These may include values, beliefs, or comfort care.

Activity Cards: Activity cards include actions that players may immediately do to improve their quality of life and extend the conversations during the game.

Statement Cards: Statement cards contain statements that include things people have said about the end of their lives. Players edit these cards in order to make them reflect on their own lives.


The game comes to an end when all of the cards have been edited and filled out. These cards can be used to learn more about yourself. This box contains a lot of details about the end of your life, and a constant reminder of the deep conversations had with others.

Nakoa Davis