OBJECTIVE OF MYSTERIUM PARK: The objective of Mysterium Park is to deduce the correct answer for the murder using the ghost’s clues.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  2 – 5 Players

MATERIALS: A rulebook, 5 character markers, 5 player innocent markers, 1 witness token, 20 location, and 20 character cards, 1 game board, 1 turn marker, 1 card holder, 3 ticket tokens, 60 plot cards, and 84 vision cards.

TYPE OF GAME: Deduction Murder Mystery Card Game



There are two types of players in Mysterium, you are either a physic trying to solve the murder, or you are a ghost helping the psychic to solve the crime. The goal for the ghost is to use strange visions to lead the players to narrow down the suspect and location pool and then to lead all players to correctly guess the correct solution. The goal as the physics is to cooperatively clear suspects and locations and deduct the final solution before time runs out.

The ghost may never talk and only communicates through the vision cards they use to give clues. Likewise, the players may not speak directly to the ghost or ask it questions, even for clarification. Players may speak with other non-ghost players, however, as this is a cooperative game.


Phase one

The ghost will shuffle the plot card deck then draw one card and place it in the cardholder. Two more cards are drawn and left facedown to their side. They may not show the other players their plot cards. The first one is for round one, 2 for round two, and the third for the final solution. The remaining cards are not used and placed back in the box.

The ghost will then take the three tickets and place them nearby. The vision cards should then be shuffled, and the ghost may draw 7 cards into their hand.

The psychics will take the game board and place it on the table. The turn marker should be placed next to the 1 on the board. Each player chooses their character color and takes the marker and token. The witness token is placed near the board as well.

For round one, the character cards are shuffled, and 9 cards are dealt out. These cards are placed on the board randomly. The remaining characters are placed back into the box.

For round two, the same sequence occurs using the location cards this time. The ghost will also discard their last plot card and use their second plot card for this round.

Phase two

If players are successful in completing rounds one and two before time is up the second phase can be set up.

The three remaining characters and locations are shuffled separately. The characters will be placed on the second row on the board and the locations on the third. The ghost will discard the second plot card and place their third and final plot card in the cardholder.


Phase One

The first phase of the game is played in two rounds. Both rounds are played similarly, and the players have a total of 6 turns to complete rounds 1 and 2, or the game is lost.

In the first round, the players are trying to narrow down the suspect pool by each clearing their unknown target, and the same is done in round two. Players will narrow down the location of the murder by clearing their unknown location. This is done by players receiving visions and using this information to guess which thing they are meant to clear.

Plot Cards

The ghost looks at the plot card that will tell them which players are meant to clear which card. it also shows the witness which allows the players to perform additional actions if a player chooses this character as their cleared suspect.


The ghost will have a hand of 7 vision cards. they may look through these and give a player 1 or more cards as clues to which card they will be clearing. They must give a player all their clues at once and cannot go back to the player once a clue has been given. Once the clues are given the ghost can redraw up to 7 cards before repeating the process for the remaining players.

If the ghost feels they cannot give any clues from the cards into their hand they may use a ticket. This allows them to choose as many of the 7 cards as they wish to discard and then draw back up to 7. There are three tickets, once all used this action can no longer be performed.

Game Turn

The ghost will look at their plot card and familiarize themselves with it. Then they may start to give clues. After clues are given to a player they may start looking and discussing with others what their visions might mean. When a player is comfortable, they may choose which card they think their visions are pointing them to. Once all players are set with their answers, they may let the ghost know. The ghost then lets them know if anyone chose the witness (only on round 1).

If a player chose the witness the ghost will let them know. That player must then take their marker off and place the witness token on that spot. They may then choose a different spot to place their marker. All other players will also have a chance to change their answer if they so wish to after the witness if revealed.

Once all players have chosen their cards and the witness has been completed if necessary. The ghost will then tell each player if they were correct or incorrect with their choice. If correct the player takes their marker and replaces it with their token. They discard their clue cards and will wait for the next round to start.  If not correct the player takes back their marker and keeps tier vision cards and must guess again in the next turn. after all players are told if correct or incorrect the marker is moved down, and a new turn starts.

If all players guess their cards correctly the next round starts. If round one round two starts, and if round 2 is completed the second phase starts. If players are not able to finish both rounds 1 and 2 before the end of the 6th turn, the game is over, and they have lost.

Phase Two

Once round 1 and 2 have been completed the second phase begins. After setup, the ghost will look at their final plot card. they will only be looking at the roman numeral which will tell them which character and place they will be eluding to. They may look and choose one card for the character and one card for the location from their hand. These two cards are then shuffled, and each revealed to the players. The players may discuss their thoughts on the cards and may choose unanimously or put it up to a vote. If there is a tie the players must vote again this time only for the two tied on. After the player’s answers are finalized the ghost will reveal who the true culprit is.


The game ends either when time runs out and all players have not completed rounds 1 and 2 or they guess the final solution. If the first happens all players and the ghost lose the game. if they make it the final solution and guess incorrectly, they also all lose. If the correctly guess though, they have all won.

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