O’NO 99

OBJECTIVE OF O’NO 99: The objective of O’NO 99 is to not be eliminated.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 8 Players

MATERIALS: A 54 O’NO 99 deck, 24 tokens, and a rulebook.

TYPE OF GAME: Adding Card Game



O’NO 99 is an adding card game for 2 to 8 players. The goal of the game is to not cause the discard pile to exceed 99.


A dealer is chosen at random. The deck is shuffled, and 4 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards form a stockpile in the center of the play area. Leave room next to the stock for a discard pile.

Each player will also receive 3 tokens.

Card Abilities

There are three cards each of 2s through 9s. They each increase the value of the pile by their respective numeric value.

There are four hold cards. These leave the discard pile value the same.

There are six reverse cards. These reverse the rotation of play. They leave the discard pile value the same. Though when only two players remain it acts the same as a hold card.

There are ten 10 cards. These increase the discard pile value by ten.

There are four -10 cards. These decrease the discard pile value by ten.

There are two double-play cards. These keep the discard value the same, but the next player must play two cards to the discard pile before they can pass.

There are four 99 cards. These set the discard pile value at 99.


The gameplay is simple. The game starts with the player left of the dealer and proceeds around the table clockwise. On a player’s turn, they will choose one of the 4 cards in their hand to discard to the pile. After the player discards, they state out loud the new value of the discard pile. After stating the new value, they will draw a new card into their hand from the stockpile.

The discard pile starts at a value of 0 and has no cards in it. As players play cards to the discard it will fluctuate. If at any time a player adds to the pile and the value of the pile exceeds 99 points, that player has lost. The cards are collected, and a new round is started.

The player that exceeds 99 points loses a token. If a player loses all 3 of their tokens they cannot exceed 99 points again, if they do, they will be eliminated,


The game ends when only one player remains. They are the winner.

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