OBJECT OF OVER UNDER OSTRICH: The object of Over Under Ostrich is to get a set of six Ostriches.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players 

MATERIALS: Over Under Ostrich Playing Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Over Under Ostrich is a hectic card game that leaves feathers ruffled and heads in the sand. Players grab, pop, and snatch cards all simultaneously. While collecting these feathery Ostriches, opponents may hit yours with a razor, causing embarrassment. The Ostrich will put its head back in the sand, causing you to have to collect it again!

Are you ready for this card grabbing, scream inducing game? Grab cards, collect Ostriches, and have fun!


Setup is quick and easy. Simply shuffle all of the cards and place them facing down in the middle of the group. Then, spread all the cards out to make a loose pile where more cards can be accessible to all players. The game is ready!


To begin the game, players will bend one arm at the elbow and wrist, creating their Ostrich Arm. This will be the only hand that is used throughout the course of the game. On the count of “1, 2, 3, Go!” players will begin gameplay.

In order to earn cards, players must slide any card to the end of the table, with about half the card off the edge. Using their Ostrich Hand, they must then pop the bottom of the card, flipping it into the air, and catch the card while it is in midair. Players must pop the card again if they did not snatch it out of midair. 

Once a player has Ostriches in their Sanctuary, the area in front of them, that does not guarantee their safety. Players may draw razor cards and place them on opponents’ Ostriches, forcing them to collect that Ostrich again. If a player draws the same Ostrich twice, that is okay, they simply place them face up on the pile, so another player can attempt to collect them.

Gameplay continues, with all players playing at the same time, until a player collects all six Ostriches. That is what signifies the end of the game.


The game comes to an end when a player has collected all six Ostrich cards in their Ostrich Sanctuary. Once a player has collected them all, they yell “Heads up!”, and the game ends. They are then declared the winner, and a new game may begin.

Nakoa Davis