OBJECT OF PEEK AND PUSH: The object of Peek and Push is to be the first player to call the quality of a row correctly.


MATERIALS: 25 tiles and instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Card Game



Does your memory always serve you well? If so, then this is the game for you. Set up a grid, with tiles facing downwards. You can make the game as simple, a 3×3 grid, or as complicated, a 5×5 grid, as you would like!

Try and memorize the qualities of a row or column before your partner does. If you can tell them that your row or column is the same color, same number, or all different, then you win! However, if you are wrong, they do! Will you peek or push? 


To setup the game, sit across from your playing partner. One of you needs to shuffle all of the tiles. Decide how large of a grid you would both like to play with, and draw that many tiles. Keep the tiles unknown, to both of you. Set up a grid, such as a 3×3. 

The game is ready to begin!


To begin the game, choose a player to go first. That player will choose to either peek or push on their grid. To peek, you simply choose a tile, lift it, and look at it. Do not show the other player! To push, you shift an entire line, either a row or a column, up or sideways by one tile. The tile hanging of will then go to the other end, to reset the grid, and be flipped facing up.

After a move, their turn is complete. The next player will then decide to push or peek. This continues until a player attempts to call the game. 

When a player calls a game, they need to state the qualities of the line in which they are referring to. They can say the line is all different numbers, all the same numbers, all different colors, all the same colors, or they are all different numbers AND colors. If the player is correct, then they win the game! If the player is incorrect, the opponent wins! 


The game ends when a player calls the game. If they are correct in their statement regarding their line, they win. If they are incorrect, their opponent wins!

Nakoa Davis