OBJECTIVE OF PIG: The objective of Pig is to be the last player remaining.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 12 players 

MATERIALS: A standard 52-card deck, a way to keep score, and a flat surface. 

TYPE OF GAME: Passing Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Kids, Teens, Adults 


Pig is a passing card game for 3 to 13 players. The goal is for you to be the only player remaining.  


The dealer is chosen at random. The dealer will shuffle the deck and deal each player 4 cards. Some variations have the dealer deal 5 cards, with players still trying to form 4 of a kind. Another variation has the dealer only deal 3 cards and players attempt to make 3 of a kind.  


After the cards are dealt each player will pick up their hand. Players will then simultaneously pass one unwanted card to their left, and take the passes card from the player to their right. The dealer will be drawing from the remaining stockpile to their right and the last player will be discarding to a discard pile to their left.  

Then players once again take an unwanted card from their hand and pass it to their left and draw the passed card from their right.  

This continues at any pace until a player has a hand of 4 cards all of the same rank.  

Players may never have more than 4 cards in their hand. They may not draw the passed card from their right (or the dealer from the stock) until they have passed a card to their left. A player also cannot pass a card to their left until their previously passed card has been drawn.  

Once a player has 4 of a kind, they do not say anything. They simply touch their nose as quietly and discretely as possible and leave it there. Once one player has touched their nose all players may now do so. The last player to touch their nose is either eliminated or loses a life.  

If playing that a player loses a life, they must write the first letter of the word pig. Each life lost results in another letter being added. If a player loses a life but already has the full word written they are eliminated. For longer games, the word Donkey can also be used.  

The first person to complete 4 of a kind becomes the new dealer for the next round.  


The last player to remain once all others are eliminated is the winner.  

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