OBJECT OF PUNDERDOME: The object of Punderdome is to be the first player to obtain 10 pairs of cards. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or more players 

MATERIALS: 200 Double-sided Cards, 2 Mystery Envelopes, 2 80 Page Pads, 1 Instruction Card, and 1 Pun Example Card

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



This fun, family friendly card game consists of nothing but the punnieset material. Players will be presented with two words. In a short period of time, they must come up with a pun that includes both words. Only the wittiest will survive.

The first player to get the voted for having the best puns ten times wins the game! Are you up for the challenge?


To begin setup, each player is given a piece of paper so they can draft their puns. White cards are then shuffled and placed in the middle of the group. The same is done with the Green cards. The game is ready to begin!


The first player is determined by the group. This player is the prompter for that round. The prompter will then draw one White card and one Green card and read them aloud to the group. Players are then given some time to create a pun which includes the two words read aloud.

After an allotted amount of time, players will then go around the group and read their pun to the group. Laughs are sure to be shared. The prompter will then choose which pun is their favorite.

The creator will earn the pair of word cards, as well as become the prompter for the next round. The first player to obtain 10 pairs of cards, wins the game!


The end of the game is signified by a player obtaining 10 pairs of cards. When this occurs, that player is declared the winner and a new game can begin!

Nakoa Davis