OBJECTIVE OF QUANTUM GO FISH: The objective of Quantum Go Fish is to determine what all other players have in their hand.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Three to Eight Players

MATERIALS: Rules and a Deck of Playing Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Twelve Years of Age and Older


Quantum Go Fish is one of the trickiest games found, as each player must attempt to keep up with what all of the other players have in their imaginary hand. Suits may include unicorns, plain corn, or whatever other things the group assigns. This game may be played drunk or sober, but be warned, the more drinks you have, the less likely you are to guess other players’ hands.


Firstly, place all of the players in a circle around the playing area. If the players have decided to play with cards, the deck will be shuffled, and four cards will be dealt to each player. The deck may then be placed to the side, as it will not be used for the remainder of the game.

If players decide to play the game traditionally, then no cards will be needed, and the deck can be placed to the side. The game is then ready to begin.


Players may play the game with cards if it will make them more comfortable, but the game is most traditionally played with fingers alone.

Finger Game

If the group has decided to play without cards, the game will continue in the following manner. There are as many suits as there are players. These suits do not have to be traditional suits, and they may be made up as the players as they go. The first player to ask for a card of the suit, gets to create the suit.

There are only four cards of each suit available throughout the game. Players may only ask for suits that they themselves have one of. This means that when a player asks for a card, they are announcing that they have at least one of that suit in their hand. They determine their own hand by what they ask other players for. No player knows their hand, or any other player’s hand, when the game first begins.

When you are asked for a card, you determine if you have that suit in your hand or not, and if you do, you must give that “card” to the other player, making it where you only are holding up three fingers instead of four.

During their turn, players ask questions and get answers. Each player may only ask one question during their turn, and the player on the left goes next. If at the end of a player’s turn all hands are determined, that player wins the game!

Card Game

The card version is played similar to the traditional Go fish. Players ask other players for cards; however, each player knows what they have in their hands. Players must attempt to determine the hands of the other players by asking them for cards.


The game comes to an end when all hands have been correctly determined. The player whose turn it is when this occurs, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis