OBJECT OF QWIXX: The object of Qwixx is to score the most points by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 5 players

QWIXXRIALS: A rulebook, 6 dice (1 of each color of red, blue, green, and yellow, and 2 white dice), and a scorepad.

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Dice Game



Qwixx is a strategy board game for 2 to 5 players. The goal of the game is to cross out as many numbers on your scorepad and score the most points by the end of the game.


Each player is given a scoring sheet and a pencil.

Scoring Sheets

Each sheet consists of 4 colored rows and numbers. Players will cross out numbers as they play but the numbers on the sheet can only be crossed out from left to right. A player may decide to start anywhere in the line of numbers but from where they started all numbers to the left of their starting number cannot be crossed out and scored. Also, if numbers are skipped any number skipped to the left also can not be scored.


Players will roll a die and the first to get a 6 becomes the active player. The active player will roll all 6 of the dice and perform the two actions of a turn.

The first possible action is adding the two white dice together and announcing the result. All players may then choose to cross out the result from any of their colored rows. They do not have to though. The second action is the active player may choose one white dice and one of the colored dice and sum them. Then they may cross out this number from the corresponding colored dices line. They do not have to do this though. These actions can be performed in any order but must happen one after the other.

If after both actions are completed the active player has not marked off a number, they must mark a penalty box. Each penalty marked is worth negative 5 points.

Once all players are set the active player is passed to the left and the above actions are completed again after a new dice roll.

Locking Rows

During the game, players may decide to lock rows. To do this, players must have crossed out at least 5 of the numbers in the corresponding row. Then they may cross out the farthest right number if it is rolled. This will lock the row. When a row is locked no other players may score in it after this action, and the corresponding die is removed from the game. If you are the player to lock a row you may also cross out the lock next to the farthest right number. Multiple players may lock the same colored row within the same action but not after.


The game ends after a player has marked off 4 penalty boxes or two rows have been locked. The turn this happens if completed and then the game is over, and scoring begins.


Once the game has ended players will tally their scores. Each player will fill out their scoring sheet using the table marked below the blue row. Each tally for the row is marked in the corresponding box at the bottom of the sheet and penalty points are subtracted from your total as well. The player with the highest score wins the game.

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