OBJECTIVE OF RACE FOR THE GALAXY: The objective of Race for the Galaxy is to win the most victory points by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 5 World Cards, 109 Varied Game Cards, 4 Action Card sets,  4 Summary Sheets, and 28 Victory Point Chips

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up


Race for the Galaxy is perfect for those players who are looking for an experience that is out of this world! Players build galactic worlds that are all their own. Players score Victory Points throughout the game, and the player who accumulates the most, wins!


To begin setup, place twelve Victory Point chips for each player, in one and five chips in reach of all players. The 10 Victory Point chips are only used at the end of the round. Each player will take one set of action cards consisting of seven cards.

Take the start world cards and shuffle them. Deal one card out to each player, face up. The unused cards should be shuffled in with the game cards. Each player is then dealt six cards face down in front of them. After everyone has received their cards, the players will look at their cards, choosing to discard two of them into the discard pile.

Each player’s tableau is found directly in front of them. It consists of one or more rows of face up cards. It begins with the start world initially. The game is ready to begin.


 The game consists of several rounds, normally seven to eleven. First, each player will choose an action card. All players will do this secretly and at the same time. Their chosen cards are placed in front of them, facing down. The players then flip their action cards, revealing them at the same time.

The players will complete the selected phases in the correct order. Each phase consists of an action that all players must complete. Players who chose the phase earn bonuses. Cards may be used as a world, wealth, or goods.

The round comes to an end when all phases are completed. Players must discard down to 10 cards before the next round can begin. When players discard, they should discard face down and make sure to keep the discard pile messy, so that it is easily distinguished. Gameplay continues in this manner until the game comes to an end.

Explore- Phase 1

The action of this phase is that all players are to draw two cards and then select one to discard and one to keep. All players will complete this action simultaneously. Players who chose to explore get to draw seven cards and choose one to keep, allowing them to explore before deciding on a card.

Develop- Phase 2

The action for this phase is that each player must place a development card from his hand face down. If the player does not intend to place a development, then no cards are needed. Players who chose to develop discard one less card than the other players.

Every development has powers. They modify rules, and they are cumulative for the group. The powers begin the phase after a card has been placed.

Settle- Phase 3

Each player must place a world card from their hand face down in front of them. Players that do not intend on placing a world do not have to play any cards. Players must discard the number of cards equal to the cost of the world.

Consume- Phase 4

The action of this phase is that all players must use their consume powers to discard goods. Goods are discarded facing down. Consuming powers can be used only once in each phase.

Produce- Phase 5

The action of this phase is to place a good onto each of the production worlds. No world can have more than one good. They should be placed in the lower right corner of the world.


The game comes to an end when the last victory chip is given out or when a player gets more than 12 cards in their tableau. At this point, all players tally their Victory Points. The player with the most victory points wins the game!

Nakoa Davis