OBJECTIVE OF REVOLVER: The objective of Revolver depends on the role that the player takes. If they are playing the General Mapache, the player will win if they kill all of the members of the Malpaso guardians. If the player takes the role of the Malpaso guardians, then the player will win if Padre Esteban makes it through the showdown or if they remove all the tokens from the Mexican Army card. 


MATERIALS: 1 Turn Marker, 9 General Mapache Power Tokens, 4 Malpaso Guardian Power Tokens, 11 True Grit Tokens, 14 Mexican Army Tokens, 12 All Rivers Poker Tournament Cards, 1 Mexican Army Card, 2 All Rivers Poker Summary Cards, 1 Collapse the Tunnels Card, 1 Gatling Gun Card, 1 Dynamite the Bridge Card, 9 Battlefield Cards, 19 Malpaso Guardian Character Cards, 1 Padre Esteban Deck, 1 General Mapache Deck, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Management Card Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


Revolver is set in 1892, and the Colty gang is destroying any towns that they come across. Colonel Ned Mcready and his group of do-gooders are now trying to bring the gang to justice. The players will choose which side they want to take and play as ruthlessly as possible in order to win the battle! The old West can come to any living room near you! 


To begin setup., put the Malpaso battlefield cards in the center of the table, within reach of both players. They should be placed with Los Quantos Bridge on the left and the Abandoned Silver Mine on the right. The Dynamite cards is placed to the left of the Los Quantos Bridge card, and the Collapse the Tunnels and Gatling Gun is placed beside the silver mine.  

The power tokens and true grit tokens are placed in a supply pile at the start of the line of battlefields. In front of the guardian player, place the seven player first character cards. The rest of the guardian cards are then shuffled and placed face down in the middle, forming the draw pile. The player will also collect the Mexican Army card and place 12 tokens on it. 

The players will proceed to play poker. They will then collect their decks, shuffle them, and place them in their playing area. Each player will draw five cards and place them in their hand. The game is ready to begin! 


The game is played over the course of numerous turns, with each player completing their entire turn before the other player begins. Gameplay continues like this until a player wins! The guardian player will begin the game. During a turn, a player will advance their turn marker, draw two cards, play cards, and attack. 

When the turn marker is advanced, the players will move it one place forward. If it is at the last place, then it is moved to the first place of the next battlefield. Guardian cards are drawn if the player is on an appropriate space. The player will then draw two cards from their deck, adding them to their hand.  

The player may then play any number of cards from their hand to their side of the battlefield. This is done by paying the corresponding fee to play the card. The cost can be found on the left side of the card. After the cards have been played, the attacks may begin.  

The General Mapache player is able to attack a bandit each turn that he has. The players will tally their firepower on their corresponding sides! The player with the most firepower will win the attack. If the Mapache has more firepower, then one of the bandits dies! After the attack, a new turn will begin! 


The game comes to an end when one of the player has met their objective. At this point, the player who finished their objective first, wins the game. 

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