OBJECT OF RIBS: The objective of Ribs is to win five games by scoring the most points during each game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 10 Players

MATERIALS: Standard Deck- Amount depends on number of players

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Game



Ribs is a unusual trick taking game that originated in Ohio. Rather than playing tricks, players play double tricks, rushing the game and increasing the likelihood of losing. This game provides a challenge in the way that it is played, so it is wonderful for those who like trick taking games but are bored of the traditional rules.


To begin setup, determine how many decks will need to be used. There are eight cards for each player, only using the Ace, Kings, Queens, Jacks, tens, nines, eights, and sevens from each deck that is used. Suits do not matter.

Next, the dealer, who is chosen randomly, will shuffle and deal the cards. The cards are dealt in packs of two to each player going clockwise around the group until all players have eight cards. The players are then allowed to look at their cards, and the game can begin.


Gameplay begins with bidding. Bids consist of numbers, beginning with two and going up by one with each player. The first bidder has to bid two. Players may choose to pass instead, but they may not bid on that hand afterwards.  Bidding continues until all players but one are done.

The player with the highest bid will begin by placing two cards on the table facing down. These are referred to as the ribs. Each player, going clockwise around the group, has to play two cards face up. Any cards can be played.

Players may choose to fold and place their two cards face down. This may only be allowed once for each player each hand. Players place the cards in front of them so that they know who has played which cards.

After all players have played their cards, the ribs are revealed and compared to the played cards. All folded cards are discarded, and they will count for or against nobody. If someone played cards that match the ribs, then they have cracked the ribs and capture the trick, which includes all faceup cards including the ribs.

If the ribs are not cracked, players that played cards that match neither of the ribs, and at least one card is higher than both ribs, then they capture their cards back. If they have two cards that do not match, but both are lower than the ribs, then the ribs win.

The total of the defeated cards is tallied and compared to the highest bid. If the cards are worth as much as the bid, the bidder is able to capture all of the cards. If the defeated cards are not worth more than the mis, the players of the cards add them to their scoring pile. The ribs are always shown, regardless of the outcome.

When all four tricks have been played, and the players are out of cards, the players add up their won cards. The player with the most points wins one game. If a tie occurs, all of those players win one game. Hands are played until a player has won five games.


The game comes to and end when a player has won five games. This player is declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis