OBJECTIVE OF RIVER DRAGONS: The objective of River Dragons is to be the first player to reach their village of their destination. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 27 Stones, 1 First Player Card, 36 Numbered Planks, 6 Pawns, 78 Action Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Action Queue Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


Players rush to get across the river, each attempting to get to the village of their own destination. All players are trying to get to their own destination, and they are not going to go the ways of others. The first player to get to their destination, wins the game! 


Place the gameboard in the middle of the playing area, where the islands are visible to the players. The stones are placed beside the board, creating the reserve. Each player should choose a color that matches one of the villages that begin the game.  

The player who is the youngest will take the starting player card and place it in front of them. The card is given to a different player with every turn, rotating clockwise around the group. Each player should collect a pawn, six planks, and thirteen action cards. The game is then ready to begin! 


Each turn consists of two phases, the programming phase and the action and resolution phase. During the programming phase, each player will choose five action cards from the ones that they have in their hand. They will place them in front of them, representing the five actions that the player can complete during their turn. They are not allowed to be reorganized.  

All players will reveal their first card simultaneously. They will then complete the action, continuing clockwise around the group, always beginning with the starting player. When all of the first actions have been completed, the group will begin on their second actions. This will continue until all actions have been completed.  

The turn comes to an end when all actions have been resolved. The starting player will give the starting player card to the player on their left. The players will then collect all of the action cards that they used during their turn, as they are allowed to use them again if they wish. A new turn will begin, using the programming phase, then the action and resolve phase.  

The game continues until someone reaches their destination.  


The game comes to an end when someone reaches their destination. The player who reaches their destination first, wins the game!  

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