OBJECTIVE OF SHOTGUN RELAY: Finish all of your team’s beers before the other teams by shotgunning.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: At least 2 teams of 3 players

CONTENTS: 1 can of beer per player and a device to pop open the can (1 per team)

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


Everyone has shotgunned a beer at least once in their life. Shotgun Relay makes this gimmicky college drinking method a competition. It is definitely best to play this game outside unless you want to be cleaning up lots of sticky beer puddles.


Each player needs one unopened beer can and each team needs something to pop open the can. You can pop open the can with a key, a bottle opener, a knife, a screwdriver, etc.


Each team should line up and prepare for the relay race with every person holding onto their unopened beer. The first player on each team to go should also be holding whatever device they plan to use to open the can.


On the count of three, each team starts the Shotgun Relay. To shotgun the beer, poke a hole in the lower part of the can while holding the can horizontally, then place your mouth over the hole and open the tab of the beer. This will create an airflow through the beer, making it much easier to drink the beer fast.

After the first player on a team finishes the beer, they pass the hole punching device to the next teammate, and then the next teammate can begin drinking.


The first team to finish all of their beers wins the Shotgun Relay. Have a referee make sure that all the beers from each team member are empty, and ensure that players wait their turn to open the beers and drink.

Nakoa Davis