OBJECTIVE OF SLEEP TIGHT:  The objective of Sleep Tight is to either kill the Sandman or escape the nightmare.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 40 Action Cards, 28 Dreamscape Cards, 28 Sandman Cards, 26 Tokens, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up


Sleep tight is a strategic game where you must choose to work together to defeat the Sandman or work on your own and escape this terrible nightmare. Your soul has been shattered into pieces, and in order to escape, if that is your choice, you must collect your Soul Fragments. Be careful, because the Sandman wants them almost as bad as you.


Firstly, if there are less than four players, the cards annotated with a four must be removed. If there are less than three players, the cards annotated with a three must be removed. After the necessary cards have been removed from the deck, the decks ae shuffled. All of the tokens are placed in the center of the playing area, with each player taking three for themselves.

Each player will then draw seven Action cards from the Action deck. They will choose four cards to keep and three cards to return to the deck. The deck is then shuffled again. The group will decide who will receive the First Player token. This token is passed to the left with each round.


 The player with the First Player token will begin the game. During a turn, all players will draw a Dreamscape Card, placing it face up in front of them. They will collect the Soul Fragments that are equal to the number found on their card. There are only 26 Fragment tokens, so once they have all been collected, players must steal from other players in order to collect more.

Each player will then draw an Action card. Players may place tokens into the center in order to draw additional Action Cards, maxing out at the number found on their Dreamscape card. One Soul Fragment scores one additional Action card.

Players will then play any number of Action cards by placing them in front of them. Action cards require a certain number of Soul Fragments in order to use them. Players may also discard action cards and collect Soul Fragments. Dreamscapes can change the requirements found on Action cards.

During phase four, two Action cards may be played, stacking them on top of one another. This reduces the Fragment requirement by the number found on the bottom card. After players have played their Action cards, they will all draw a single Sandman card and show it to the group. Players will complete the action card first and then resolve the Sandman card.

Gameplay continues in this manner until a player escapes the Nightmare or all of the Sandman cards have been played. The game then comes to an end and a winner is determined.


The game may end two different ways. Firstly, if the Sandman deck is depleted, then the group has killed the Sandman and all players win. The winner may also be determined by whoever has collected the most Soul Fragments. If a player has collected ten Soul Fragments and plays the alarm clock, then they escape the nightmare and become the winner.

If all players reach no Soul Fragments, then everyone loses and are then consumed by the Sandman. If the Dreamscape deck becomes depleted, then all players become trapped in their dreams and lose.

Nakoa Davis