OBJECTIVE OF SLEEPING QUEENS: The objective of Sleeping Queens is to be the first to collect 4 or 5 princesses, or to get 40 or 50 points.


NUMBER OF CARDS: 79 cards including :

  • 12 princesses
  • 8 princes
  • 5 jesters
  • 4 knights
  • 4 potions
  • 3 magic wands
  • 3 dragons
  • 40 value cards (4 of each from 1 to 10)

TYPE OF GAME: card sifting and collecting game

AUDIENCE: children


The Beetle Princess, the Cat Princess, the Moon Princess and their friends were enchanted and plunged into a deep sleep. It’s up to you to wake up as many of these sleeping beauties as possible to win the game. So use a little tactics, a bit of memory and a bit of luck. But beware of the knights who will come to take your princesses or the potions that will make them sleep again!


Take the 12 princesses and shuffle them face down, then place them, still face down, on the table in 4 columns of 3 cards, leaving a space in the middle.

Next, shuffle the remaining cards (red back) face down to form the draw pile and deal 5 cards to each player. Then place the deck in the middle, between the columns of princesses.

Example of a 2 player game setup


On the table, there are 12 princesses sleeping, they are face down. Each one has 5 cards in their hand. The player to the left of the dealer starts. In turn, each player performs one of the available actions, then completes his 5-card hand.

Available actions

– Playing a prince: essential for the kiss that wakes up the sleeping beauty. You play a prince and then choose one of the princesses that you place face up in front of you. As well as being woken up, she brings us the points indicated on its card.

– Playing a knight: If you don’t have a prince, you can always fall back on a knight. Play your knight to go and steal any awaken princess from an opponent’s house. The princess arrives fresh and available, face up.

– The dragons: they are there to watch over our princesses. We play a dragon to counter a knight who is far too reckless! Both players take a card to complete their hand.

– Play a potion: too many princesses awake is noisy! We play a potion, and send back to sleep one of the awake princesses from one of our opponents. She returns to the centre of the table, face down.

– Magic wands: the ultimate parry against potions? A little wave of a magic wand. It is played against a potion. Both players take a card to complete their hand.

– Playing a jester: take your chances! Play the jester and reveal the first card of the deck. If it’s a power, you put it in your hand and play again. If it’s a card with a number, you count starting with yourself and turning clockwise until you reach the number of the card. The player who finishes the count can wake up a princess and place her face up in front of him.

– Discard one or more cards: Allows you to draw other cards according to one of these options:

  • You discard any card and draw a new one.
  • A pair of cards is discarded and two new ones are drawn.
  • You discard 3 or more cards that form an addition (example: a 2, a 3 and a 5, because 2+3=5) and draw the same number.
In this example, the top player used a knight to steal the Cat Princess.


Depending on the number of players, the game ends when one of the players

  • has woken up 4 princesses or has got 40 points or more (with 2 or 3 players)
  • or 5 princesses or 50 points or more (with 4 or 5 players)

The game also stops when there are no more princesses in the centre of the table. In this case, the player with the most points is declared the winner.

The bottom player wins by 50 points to 20!

Enjoy! 😊


Princess whims.

Some princesses have special powers when they are awake.

  • Princess Rose has the power to wake up another princess with her when she wakes up (but not when a knight captures her).
  • Dog and Cat princesses cannot stand each other! You can never have them at the same time in front of you, if you wake one of them up, you have to put the other one back with the other sleeping princesses, face down.
Nakoa Davis