OBJECT OF SOCIAL SABOTAGE: The object of Social Sabotage is to be the first player to reach the assigned point value.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or more players

MATERIALS: 500 playing cards, game rules, and alternative rules

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Are you a social media guru? If so, this isn’t the game for you! Be ready to sabotage your social media, from texts to Facebook, this game has no limit to its intrusion. Be prepared for interesting replies and confused comments.

Players will choose Where they must send their interesting message to. The other players choose What their message entails. Embarrassment is a part of the game, so get those cheeks rosy red when you are playing Social Sabotage!

Players must have a smart phone and social media to play the game. Expansion packs are available to accommodate more players and make the game even more interesting!


To set up the game, each player is dealt 5 What cards. The Where cards are placed, face down, in the center of the group! Gameplay is ready to begin.


To begin, a player is chosen to become the first Sender. There is no rule regarding this. They will draw a card from the top of the Where stack, thus choosing the location of their embarrassment.  They will place this card in front of them, face up, allowing all the other players to see it. This card decides which social media platform they have to post on.

All other players will then place a What card in front of the Sender. The Sender will then choose which What card they can actually complete and complete the action. The Sender will receive 2 points for every completed action. The player who played the What card that the Sender chose will receive one point. If a Sender refuses to complete a What card, another player has an option to steal it and do it themselves. 

Texts cannot be sent to anyone playing the game! This is a critical rule. Once a certain amount of points have been scored, the game comes to an end. 


The game ends when a certain number of points have been reached. This threshold varies based on the number of players. With 3 to 4 players, it takes 15 points. With 5 to 6 players, it takes 12 points. With 7 or more players, it takes 8 points. The first player to reach the point threshold wins the game!

Nakoa Davis