OBJECT OF SOCIALLY TWISTED: The objective of Socially Twisted is to have the most Winner Cards by the end of the game. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 8 players

MATERIALS: 115 Story Cards and 75 Words Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



The goal of Socially Twisted is to create the best, or worst, story you can with the words and story you are given! Each Story Card and Word Card will give you a basis on which to fabricate a story that you believe your friends and playmates will enjoy! The goal is for them to choose you as the best storyteller at the end of each round!

There are expansion packs available for longer gameplay. There is also an app available for online play with larger groups.


To setup, shuffle the red deck, blue deck, and yellow deck, all separately. Place the decks face down in the center of the group where everyone can reach them. Each player will then draw 4 red cards, 4 blue cards, and 4 yellow cards.

The red cards are the Story Cards, the blue cards are the Word Cards, and the yellow cards are the Winner Cards. After all players have 4 of each card, the game is ready to begin!


The first player, who is chosen by the group, begins the game. The player will choose a Story Card and a Word Card from their hand. These will be the cards they must use to create their story. The player has 60 seconds, which is kept up with by another player, to make up a story, using the Story Card as basis. The story must contain all the words on the Word Card.

If they are unable to fabricate a story, gameplay moves on to the next player. If they can create a story, it leaves them in the running to earn a Winner Card! The next player will choose one Story Card and one Word Card and repeat the above steps. After a Story Card and Word Card have been used, they may be discarded.

After all the players have had a chance to create a story once, the players will then hand out Winner Cards. Each player will give a Winner Card to who they think came up with the best story with the words and scenarios they were given! This continues for four rounds.

After four rounds of gameplay, the players will count their Winner Cards. The player with the most Winner Cards after four rounds wins the game!


The game ends after four rounds. Once the game is over, all players will tally their Winner Cards. The player with the most Winner Cards wins the title of Most Socially Twisted!

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