OBJECT OF SOTALLY TOBER: The object of Sotally Tober is to be the player that has taken the least amount of drinks throughout the course of the game. If no drinks are involved, players may use a point system instead. In this case, having the lowest number of points is the objective.


MATERIALS: 125 Playing Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Sotally Tober is a party card game full of embarrassment, laughs, discoveries of hidden talents, and unexpected circumstances. To be declared the winner, a player must have taken the least amount of drinks, and although it may sound easy, it may be surprising how difficult that task can be. This game includes 5 different types of cards.

 Activity cards, which are orange, mean there will be an action that must be performed. Skill cards, which are green, give you special abilities throughout the game. Curse cards, which are blue, can lead to punishment and suffering throughout the game. Secret cards, which are yellow, are secret tricks that only you can perform. Decree cards, which are red, give you the power to affect everyone.

Sotally awesome, right?


Setup of Sotally Tober is quick and easy. Simply shuffle the cards, and make a pile, face down, in the center of the group. Make sure there is alcohol available for maximum fun. After that, the game is ready to be played!


To begin the game, someone must be chosen to start. There is no rule for this, so the group gets to decide. The first person draws the card from the top of the pile in the middle of the group. Whatever that card says, the person, or group, depending on the card, must be done! 

If a player decides to not complete the task at hand, they must drink, or earn a point. The game continues by taking turns drawing cards around the group. There is no particular point when the game is considered over. So, it is up to the group to decide when the game should end. 


There is no designated moment when the game ends. It is up to the group to decide this. At the end, tally up all of the shots taken, or points earned. The player with the least amount of points or shots taken wins the game!

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