Space Rush: First Strike


OBJECTIVE OF SPACE RUSH: FIRST STRIKE : Be the first to assemble all ten cards in your Space Team and eliminate your opponents with a Nuclear Strike.


TYPE OF GAME: First To Cross Finishline Card Game

AUDIENCE: Teen, Adult


  • 76 cards
  • 20 Space Team Personnel cards (4 each of President, General, Rocket Scientist, Pilot, Fighter Pilot)
  • 20 Space Team Technology cards (4 each of Command Center, Space Station, Fuel Depot, Shuttle and Fighter Ship)
  • 12 Attack cards (4 each of Assassin, Spy and Saboteur)
  • 12 Defense cards (4 each of Secret Service, Double Agent and Engineer)
  • 8 Special cards (3 Force Field, 3 Orbital Targeting System, 2 Shapeshifting Translucent Blob(
  • 4 Nuclear Strike cards


Be the first to assemble all ten cards in your Space Team and eliminate your opponents with a Nuclear Strike.


Shuffle the deck and deal five cards to each player. Stack the rest of the cards face down in a draw pile in the center of the playing area. Once the game gets going, players will discard cards onto a face up pile next to the draw pile.


Players start their turn by drawing either:

  1. The top face down card from the draw pile


  1. The top card from the discard pile if it’s a Space Team card they need*. (No other cards may be drawn from the discard pile).

Then the player takes one of the following actions:

  1. Play a blue Space Team card by placing it face up in front of themselves, to assemble their Space Team.


  1. Play a red Attack card to prevent an opponent from assembling their Space Team


  1. Play a purple or yellow Special Card


  1. Discard an unwanted or unneeded card

* Note if a player picks up from the discard pile they must play that card that round, immediately ending their turn.


There are three Attack cards and each has one Defense:

On their go, a player attacks an opponent by placing the Attack card on the discard pile and declaring which opponent is under attack. The defending player must immediately play the appropriate Defense card to stop the attack, otherwise the attack is successful. The game continues with the next player.

The Assassin card kills one Space Team Personnel card (that personnel card is moved to the discard pile). The Secret Service card stops the Assassin.

The Saboteur card destroys one Space Team Technology card (that technology card is moved to the discard pile). The Engineer card stops the Saboteur.

The Spy card steals one Space Team Personnel or Technology card (the stolen card is added to the attacking player’s assembled Space Team). The Double Agent card stops the Spy.

* Note with each successful defense, the defending player picks a card from the draw pile to bring their hand back to five cards.

Transparent Shapeshifting Blob card (the Wildcard)

This guy can shapeshift to become any personnel or technology needed assemble a Space Team.

When using the Blob card as part of the Space Team, players have to declare which personnel or technology card the Blob is imitating. If later in the game, a player acquires the regular personnel or technology card, the Blob shapeshifts to become another Space Team card needed by the player.

Attack cards work against the Blob just as they would regular cards, however Assassin attacks only work if the Blob is imitating personnel, and Saboteur attacks only work if the Blob is imitating technology. If the spy successfully steals away the Blob from an opponent, he shapeshifts to become whatever Space Team card the stealing player needs him to be. The attacking player must declare what the Blob card is becoming.

Orbiting Targeting System

This card allows a player to look through the discard pile and pick up a card that they need. This will usually be a blue Space Team card needed to assemble the player’s team. However, if a player is under attack and does not have the appropriate defense card, they can play the Orbital Targeting System card to acquire the needed Defense card and prevent the attack.

Nuclear Strike and Force Field cards (Winning the Game)

Once a player has assembled all ten Space Team cards, they can play the Nuclear Strike card to try to destroy their opponents and win the game. The Nuclear Strike card can be played simultaneously with assembling the final Space Team card (this is the only time in the game that two cards may be played in the same round).

The player who played the nuclear strike card is untouchable for the next round and may not be attacked by the other players. The other players have the next round to do either of the following:

  1. Complete assembling their own Space Team (all ten cards)


  1. Play a Force Field card

If either of these are not achieved, then that player has been successfully destroyed by the Nuclear Strike and is eliminated from the game. Opponents that did assemble the required ten cards or play the Force Field card, survive the nuclear strike, and the game continues.

The player who laid down the nuclear strike is no longer untouchable and may be attacked again by other players.

The last man standing i.e. the player whose nuclear strike successfully eliminates all (remaining) opponents, wins the game.

Nakoa Davis