OBJECT OF SPACETEAM: The object of Spaceteam is to gather all 6 system go cards before the timer runs out.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 6 players

MATERIALS: 90 playing cards, instructions, and a timer

TYPE OF GAME: Cooperative Card Game



You are on a space ship with all of the other players! You are headed towards a blackhole and will be there in five minutes. The goal is to quickly fix the ship, gather all 6 system go cards, and win the game before the timer runs out!

Be quick, cooperative, and loud! The goal is to gather tools, which there is only one of each on the ship, from players to fix malfunctions throughout the ship. Somewhere in the mess of malfunctions, there will be systems go cards. Hurry, fix the ship and win the game!


To setup the game, shuffle the orange cards and deal all of them out to the players. Keep these as a face down pile in front of you. Next, shuffle the blue deck, dealing all of those out to the players as well. Flip the timer and start the game.


To begin the game, all players flip their orange deck over in front of them. The malfunction must be fixed so it can be discarded. To fix the malfunction, gather the tools needed, as indicated by names or symbols on the card, and place them above the card. There is only one of each tool available, so cooperation is key. Once a malfunction is fixed, it may be discarded, and the tool cards can be gathered. 

The goal is to find the 6 systems go cards, and that requires all players to work through their orange deck. There are only five minutes available, so time is of the essence. The systems go cards are placed in the center of the group to create a spaceship. If that is completed before the timer runs out, the group wins. If not, they lose.


The game ends when the timer runs out or when all of the systems go cards have been gathered, whichever comes first. If the timer runs out first, you lose. If the systems go cards are gathered first, you win!

Nakoa Davis