OBJECT OF STUPID DEATHS: The objective of Stupid Deaths is to either be the last player remaining, or the first player to reach the red space.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 players

MATERIALS: Instructions, a Game Board, Six Extra Life Tokens, Twelve Voting Cards, One Grim Reaper, Six Playing Pieces, Three Hundred Stupid Death Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game



In this hilarious game, each player tries to identify if each stupid death is true or false in an attempt to beat the Grim Reaper around the board. Any wrong move, and he gets a step closer to making you the loser of the game! Avoiding the touch of death is key in making it to the safety of the red space! 

Each player, in turn, reads about a death from the hundreds of Stupid Death Cards. Do you think you can guess correctly? The Grim Reaper is close and constantly gaining! Attempt to guess correctly and get home as quick as you can! 


The game board is placed in the center of the group, with the Grim Reaper placed on the red space. Each player will choose a pawn, and all of them are placed on the green space. All of the Stupid Death Cards are shuffled and placed in a stack, facing down, on the center of the board. 

Each player received an Extra Life Token, a True voting card, and a False voting card. These will be used throughout the course of the game, so do not dispose of them!

The oldest player becomes the first reader. The game is then ready to begin.


The oldest player begins the game as the reader. The player will read the Stupid Death Card aloud to the group. All other players will vote whether they think the death is a myth or a fact by choosing a voting card. When all players are ready, the chosen voting card is flipped.

The reader will announce the correct answer to the group. Each player with the correct answer will move their pawn one space closer to home. Players with incorrect answers will not touch their pawn, instead, they will move the Grim Reaper one space closer to their pawn. 

If the Grim Reaper lands on the same space or passes a pawn, the player has officially experienced the touch of death! If the player still has a Extra Life Token available, they may use it at this point to save themselves. If an Extra Life Token is used, it is then discarded and is unable to be used again for the remainder of the game. 

The Extra Life Token will allow the player to move their pawn one space in front of the Grim Reaper, barely cheating death. If they are touched again, they are out for the remainder of the game. 

The first player to reach the red space, or home, is the winner. Remember, making correct choices can keep death at bay! 


The game is over when a player reaches the red space, or the Grim Reaper touches all the pawns. If all pawns are touched, no winners are announced. The player who makes it to the red space first is the winner! 

Nakoa Davis