OBJECT OF SWEET EXISTENCE: The objective of Sweet Existence is to have the highest number of sweet disks while avoiding perishing. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4 to 8 players

MATERIALS: 24 Existence Squares, 9 Connection Squares, 104 Action Squares, 50 Sweet Disks, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Game



This family friendly card game really embraced the genius and creativity of Nathan W. Pyle’s Strange Planet webcomic and series of books. Each card has a depiction of his beings’ signature humor and looks. Throughout the game, use Action Cards to build relationships, go through life events, and earn the cherished Sweet Disks.

The goal is to hoard as many Sweet Disks as possible, all while avoiding the dreaded Perish Card, which will quickly end the game. Strange Planet fans will adore this game, and constantly be amused by the humor of these funny creatures. 


First, shuffle the Action Cards, and place the deck facedown in the center of the group. Shuffle the Existence Squares then deal each player three Existence Cards. Finally, shuffle the Connection Squares and deal one Connection Square to each player. 

Players then flip their Connection Square and see who else they are connected to in the game. All of the players then receive six Sweet Disks. The game is ready!


To begin the game, a player, no one in particular, draws a card from the top of the Action Square deck and reads It aloud. Once that turn has been completed, rotate around the group, ensuring each player has a turn to draw from the Action Square pile.

If a pink Action Square is drawn, all players must complete the action. If it is a purple Action Square, then it is given as a gift to another player. Once a player has two Action Squares, they must then flip one of their Existence Squares.

Don’t forget, players can only look at their Existence Squares once. Make sure to memorize where the Perish Cards are, or else you may lose the game super quick! 

Once a Perish Card is played, the game ends and scores are tallied. The player who played a Perish Card, and any connected players, signified by the Connection Squares, are immediately removed. Players that remain tally their Sweet Disks. The player with the most Sweet Disks wins the game!


The end of the game is signified by someone perishing. Connected players perish with them, removing their chance of becoming the winner. Of the remaining players, the one with the most sweet disks is the winner!

Nakoa Davis