OBJECT OF TEKA: The objective of Teka is to be the first team to reach 104 points.


MATERIALS: 1 Standard Deck of Cards, 1 Scoresheet, and 1 Pencil

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Card Game



Teka is a popular trick taking game found in Afghanistan. Many players, especially those who like to gamble enjoy the game, as it mimics an auction type environment. Are you lucky enough to have a good hand? Will you be able to win the bids needed to win the game for your team. This is the perfect game to test your luck!


To begin setup, players will split into two two-person teams. They will then sit between one another, allowing opponents to be on both side of every player. A standard deck is used, with each suit ranking high to low from ace to two.

Cards will be shuffled only for the first deal, every deal after will only consist of cutting the deck. The player on the dealer’s left will cut the deck after the dealer has shuffled or cut the cards. Thirteen cards are dealt to each player, all at once. Once a player looks at their cards, if their hand does not contain an ace, King, Queen, or Jack, then they may ask for a new deal.

Once all the players have their thirteen cards, the game is ready to begin!


Beginning with the player to the right of the dealer, each player has only one chance to speak. They may offer a number from eight to thirteen, meaning they are offering make trumps and stating that their team will win at least that quantity of tricks. A player may announce “double thirteen” meaning they will make trumps and win all of the tricks, playing by themselves. Finally, they may say “pass” or “ter” if they do not want to make any trumps.

If the players bid numbers, each number bid must be higher than the last. Double thirteen is higher than any other bid, but it may be outbidded by another Double thirteen announced later. The highest bidder will become the declarer, choose the trump suit, and lead the first trick.

The declarer must lead a trump to the first trick. Players will follow in order if they are able to do so. A player who cannot follow suit is able to play any card in their hand, but the trick is only won by the highest trump played. If the trick does not have a trump, then the highest card of the first suit wins.

After the first trick, any card may be lead. The declarer, at any point during the game, may try to increase the number of tricks bid. When the declarer wins most of the tricks, or the opponents have won most of the tricks, making the goal unobtainable anyways, the play comes to an end.

Partners are not allowed to make secret signs throughout the course of the game. All communication must be held in the open. After the play comes to an end, scoring begins. A bid scores as many points as it had tricks that were bid. A Double thirteen bid scores twenty-six points if it is won, or fifty-two to the opponents if lost.


The game comes to an end when a team accumulates 104 points or more. At this point, they are declared the winners!

Nakoa Davis