OBJECT OF THE BLOOD OF AN ENGLISHMAN: The object of The Blood of an Englishman is to complete the role assigned to you. If you are Jack, you must try and collect all three treasures to win. If you are the Giant, you must trap Jack to win.


MATERIALS: 36 Beanstalk Cards, 8 Giant Cards, 6 Treasure Cards, and 4 Helper Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Strategic Card Game



Choose your player wisely. Are you better at offense or defense? As Jack attempts to steal the treasures from the Giant’s castle, the Giant will defend at every turn. If Jack can steal all three treasures, he wins. If the Giant can overwhelm him, the Giant wins!

This game is fun, strategic, and offers gameplay to two players. Enjoy guarding your treasures or attempting to steal them! The choice is yours.


To begin setup, players must choose who will be Jack and who will be the Giant. They will then shuffle the deck and deal out cards facing up. This should create five stacks of ten cards. Cards should be fanned, allowing both players to see all cards available. 

After dealing the cards, the Jack player will select any single card and move it anywhere within the stacks. The game is ready to begin!


Playing as Jack

Jack may make three moves. Each move may be completed by moving from the front of any castle stack to the front of any castle stack or to the top of Jack’s Beanstalk stack, or by moving from the back of any castle stack to the front of the sake castle stack or to the top of Jack’s Beanstalk stack. Jack may only ever move cards from the back of stacks to the front.

Jack builds his Beanstalk stacks one at a time by moving cards from the castle stack into his play area. Beanstalk cards are then stacked on top of one another, in ascending order, sequence does not matter. When a Beanstalk stack has six cards, Jack may use a move to play a treasure card, found on the front or back of a castle stack, to complete it. 

Once a Beanstalk stack is finished, Jack may start another. Once Jack has collected all three treasures, he is declared the winner!

Playing as the Giant

The Giant may do one of three things during his turn. He may discard any Beanstalk card from any position in a castle stack. He may move the front most four cards as a group to the front of any other castle stack. Finally, he may choose to make two moves, and which each move he may take the front card of any castle stack and move it to the front of any other castle stack.

There must be four cards in the stack for the Giant to use his four card movement. The Giant is not able to move cards from the back of stacks like Jack. Discards may come from anywhere within the castle stacks if that move is used. 


The game may end in numerous ways.

In order for the Giant to win, Jack cannot make anymore moves, one of each of the four different Giant cards is in a single unbroken group within a castle stack, or one of each of the four different Giant cards is shown at the front of four cast stacks. If any of these three situations occur, the Giant immediately wins.

In order for Jack to win, he must complete three Beanstalks consisting of six Beanstalk cards and one of each of the three treasure cards, the goose, the harp, and the gold. If Jack collects all three treasures, he wins!

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