OBJECTIVE OF THE BLOODY INN: The objective of The Bloody Inn is to be the richest player when the game coms to an end.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 78 guest Cards, 4 Wooden Discs, 4 White Keys, 32 Room Service Tokens, 30 Check Tokens, 1 Starter Player Card, 1 Inn Gameboard, 4 Player Aids, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAMECard Drafting Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


In The Bloody Inn, each player will act as a member of a diabolical family of innkeepers. Just because they are family does not mean they will have your back. They are more likely to stab you in the back, after all, there can only be one winner. Players will attempt to rob guests, but if they are caught in the act, they won’t let their guests go easily.  


To begin setup, give two peasant cards and a player aid to each of the players. The peasants will act as the player’s starting hand. The traveler deck is built by removing some cards, depending on the number of players. The removed cards are shuffled, forming the entrance deck, and placed to the left of the board, at the inn entrance, with the living side facing upward.  

Each player will choose a color to represent them throughout the course of the game, collecting eight room service tokens and a disk in their color. The disks are placed on the 5F space found on the Wealth Track. A 10F Check is given to each player, and the others are used to form a supply.  

The players will take one Key token and place it on a room that is unclaimed. The player who is the greediest will take the Starter Player token, and the game is ready to begin! 


The game is played over the course of two seasons and an unknown number of rounds. Each round is separated into three phases, the welcome phase, the action phase, and the end of the round.  

During the welcoming, or evening phase, the first player will welcome the travelers for the round. They will draw a card from the Entrance Stack, and place the traveler in an unoccupied room, and repeat the process until all rooms are full.  

For the action, or night, phase, the players will take turns going clockwise around the group. The players will each perform the first action, then the second action in the second rotation. The players can choose to complete two of the following actions: bribe a guest, kill a guest, build an annex, bury a corpse, or pass. When a player completes an action, they must choose a guest card to play, play the cards as defined by the chosen card, reclaim any cards, and perform the action.  

When all players have been able to complete their two actions, the end of round, or morning, begins. This phase consists of a police investigation, travelers leaving, and wages being paid. During the police investigation, players must pay the gravedigger if they have any unburied corpses, or they will be arrested. Players will earn one franc for each room in their color when a guest leaves, and their card is placed with the living side up on the exit stack. They must then pay any accomplices or fire them.  

When this is all complete, the player to the left of the first player will take the Starter Player token. A new round may begin. 


The game comes to an end when the Entrance Stack is empties the second time. The current round may be completed, but then scoring occurs. Each player that has an unburied corpse must pay 10 francs for each of the corpses. Each player can add 10 francs for each check found on their wealth track. The player with the most money wins the game! 

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