OBJECT OF THE MYSTERIOUS FOREST: The object of The Mysterious Forest is to collect all the needed equipment to get through the forest and defeat the Queen of Draconia

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS: 24 path cards (1 start card, 13 forest cards, 4 wander cards, and 6 battle cards), 55 various equipment tokens (which include four of each: magnifying glass, rope, crystal bag, compass, flowers, swords, gloves, capes, maps, Draconia claws, lighters, and 11 Loki tokens), 2 wander tokens, 1 board, 1 figure, and 4 dice.

TYPE OF GAME: Memory Card Game



The Mysterious Forest is a children’s memory card game for 2 to 4 players. The goal of the game is to memorize what you’ll need for your journey, fill your bag with equipment, and try to defeat the Queen of Draconia.


The cards will be separated by their types and shuffled. Then you will make the journey. The start card will be placed first followed by 4 forest cards, then a wonder card, 2 more forests, and finally the end battle card. these will be laid out in order in a line. The figure will be placed on the starting card. The tokens should be sorted, and the wonder and Loki tokens should be shuffled and placed facedown. The bag board and dice should be placed centrally to all players and 4 Loki tokens should be placed in any spots on the board. Next, determine the first player and the game can begin.


The game is played in three parts. The first part is scouting, the preparing, and finally exploring.

Phase One

The first part is scouting. Starting with the first player and continuing clockwise from them players will scout the path cards. The first player will flip the first forest card after the start card everyone should memorize the equipment needed to complete this part of the journey. The card will then be placed back to face down and cannot be looked at again.

Following this, players will continue to flip the path cards and memorize the equipment needed before returning them to face down. After the final battle card is scouted and returned face down the next phase begins. 

Phase Two

Phase two is collecting equipment. Starting again with the first player they will roll all four dice. The faces of the dice are the choices in equipment you have. You may pick two of the four to take a token of and place on your bag board. You may discuss with all players what is best to take but the final decision is up to the roller.

If you roll a Loki on the dice, then you must take a Loki token and one other piece of equipment. If you rolled two or more Lokis you must take two Lokis and place them in your bag.

If you roll an equipment that does not have any more tokens available, you may reroll that dice.

Phase 2 ends hen your backpack is filled.

Phase Three

For phase three you will start your journey. You will reveal cards one at a time moving the figure onto the newly revealed card. the equipment needed to complete the card will be listed at the bottom of the card and will be taken out of your bag and placed on the card to complete it.

If you do not have the needed equipment you may use a Loki token. Choose one from the bag and flip it to show which power it allows you to use. You will either have a choice of one of several equipment types shown on the token, or the token will let you choose an equipment from the bag to exchange for a needed equipment.  In the special case that all you have in your bag is Lokis, you will exchange the current revealed token for an equipment.

Used tokens are placed back in the game box but can be taken/exchanged for later.


The wander card is flipped and now players have the choice to pay the wander the cost at the bottom to receive the crystal weapon. If they choose to they will need to pay (according to the card) either two matching equipment, an equipment and a Loki, three different equipment, or any four equipment.

The crystal weapon awards you with two wander tokens that can be used as any equipment for any card.

If you choose not to get the crystal weapon you will just continue on the path as above.

The Battle

The battle card is done the same as all path cards it is flipped, and you must pay the equipment needed to win the battle.


The game ends when you have either defeated the Queen of Draconia or cannot continue your adventure. If you defeat her, you win but failing to do so or not having the right equipment to get through the forest means you have lost.

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