OBJECT OF THROW THROW BURRITO: The object of Throw Throw Burrito is to win two rounds by accumulating the most points throughout the course of the rounds.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 players

MATERIALS: 120 Cards, 2 Burritos, 6 Burrito Bruises, and 1 Fear Me Badge

TYPE OF GAME: Dodgeball Card Game



This action-packed game is great for family game night, a night with friends, or a fun time with people you just met! This game is awesome for laughs and over dramatized gameplay. Attempt to gather as many matching cards as you can before the round ends, unless a battle ensues. With each battle, a player must obtain a Burrito Bruise!

Will you be bruised by a burrito, or will you be doing the bruising? See who is faster with their hands while burritos fly! Throw the burrito like you mean it and win this game!


To setup the game, begin by shuffling the cards and give fifteen cards to each player facing down. This will be your personal draw pile, and it is placed on your righthand side. Separate the rest of the cards into two piles and place them in the center of the playing area facing down. These two piles will create the Community Piles.

Put the Burritos and Burrito Bruises in the center of the playing area, in reach of all the players. All players should then take the top five cards from their personal draw pile and flip them over, hiding them from other players, but leaving the rest of the cards undisturbed. The game is ready to begin!


The goal of each round is to accumulate as many groups of three matching cards as possible. Gameplay continues simultaneously, as there are no turns. Five cards is the most you can have in your hand at any given time throughout the game, ensure that you are discarding so you don’t exceed the limit.

Draw a card from your Personal Draw Pile and discard whichever card you choose by placing them on top of the player to your left’s personal draw pile facing down. The cards should rotate throughout the group going around the table. If there are no cards available in your Personal Draw Pile, draw from the Community Pile until card are made available in your Personal Draw Pile again.

Try to get a set of three matching cards as quickly as possible. Once you have collected them, place them face up in front of you in a single pile. This will be your Score Pile, so make sure it stays separate. After placing the three cards on your Score Pile, draw three more and continue the game. Each set of matching cards is worth one point.

If you collect a set of three Burrito cards, such as War, Brawl, or Duel, they are worth two points and they also initiate a battle. Place the cards in your Score Pile and yell the name of the battle! All other gameplay must come to a stop when a battle has been announced.


Of you play three Brawl cards of the same type, the player on your left and the player on your right are now in a Brawl. They must try and grab a Burrito as fast as they can and throw it at each other. The first one to get hit by a Burrito loses.


If you play three War cards that match, all the players at the table are involved in a war with one another. The goal is fir each player to  grab a Burrito as fast as they can and throw it at any of the opposing players. The first player to be hit loses the War.


If you play three Duel cards that match, two players of your choice must participate in a duel. Each player takes a Burrito, and they will stand with their backs to each other. Both players will say “3, 2, 1, Burrito!” at the same time. With each number, the players will take a step further apart, and when “Burrito!” is announced, they will turn and attempt to hit the opposing player. The first person to be hit loses.

If you announce a battle that does not match the cards that you played, you immediately lose the battle. If you are not in a battle, but grab a Burrito anyways, you lose the battle. The battle comes to an end when mistakes are made.

If you are the loser in a battle, place a Burrito Bruise card into your score pile. You lose a point when you earn a Burrito Bruise, and only one Burrito Bruise may be given out during each battle. After a battle has finished, the Burritos can be placed back on the table, and the player who started the battle resumes gameplay by saying “3, 2, 1, Burrito!”.

Battle Rules

Multiple Battles: If more than one battle is declared at the same time, all players become involved in a War. All players are fair game. The first player to be hit by a Burrito during War is given a Burrito Bruise. Once the Burrito Bruise has been given out, the War comes to an end.

Tie in Battle: If a tie occurs, players must compete in a Duel to break the tie. A tie only occurs when players have been hit at the same time.

Hitting: When a hit has been completed, the battle comes to an end. A hit is considered the point when a Burrito hits another player involved in the battle without hitting anything else prior to hitting the target player.

Missing: If you throw a Burrito at another player and it hits an object before hitting the target player, the throw is considered a miss. If the other player avoids the Burrito all together, it is also considered a miss. If there has been a miss in battle, any player involved may pick up the Burrito and throw it again.

Catching: If a player catches the Burrito you have thrown at them, then you immediately lose the battle and the other player wins. If it touches any other object, then it is not considered a catch and the player throwing the Burrito wins!

Can Do’s: You may do your best to avoid being hit by dodging, ducking, or using objects as shields to protect you from a flying Burrito. Burritos may be used as shields, stopping other Burritos. Before throwing your burrito in battle, you may run, hide, or delay.

Can’t Do’s: When in a battle, you can only hold a maximum of one Burrito at a time. You may not stop another player from retrieving a Burrito either. Burritos must be directly thrown at other players, it cannot be bounced off of the table towards another player. If it feels like cheating, don’t do it.


The game ends after two rounds of gameplay. The first round ends when the last Burrito Bruise has been dispensed, and the player with the highest number of points is the winner of that round. The player who wins round one receives the Fear Me Badge.

Reset the table and continue to the second round. If the same person who obtained the Fear Me Badge in round one still has it in round two, they are the winner. If a different player wins the second round, they must Duel the player who has the Fear Me Badge. The winner of the duel is the winner of the game.

Nakoa Davis