OBJECT OF THUNEE: The objective of Thunee is to be the first team to score 12 points.


MATERIALS: 1 52 Card Deck

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Card Game



First developed in South Africa, Thunee has now grown in popularity all around the world! This fun, trick taking game is very similar to Euchre. This game is perfect for team players that are strategic and intelligent. It may take some time to get used to, but once you are adapted to the rules and gameplay.


To begin setup, take a standard 52 card deck and remove the nines, tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and aces. These will be the cards used throughout the game. Teams will then be established, with two players in each team.

To determine who will be the dealer, a player will begin dealing cards face up to each player, the player who receives a black Jack is considered to be the dealer for the first round. The player on their right is the Trump man and will determine the first trump.

The dealer will then deal each player a packet of four cards. The game is ready to begin.


The bidding phase begins after the cards have been dealt. The team including the dealer will be given the first chance to bid or call. All bids must occur in increments of 10. The highest bid that can occur is 100.

After the bidding is finished, the trump suit is decided. The highest bidder will reveal the trump card, and if the other team does not have a card matching the trump suit, then they can request another deal.

While the trump caller decides the trump suit for the hand, the opposing team is the team attempting to win the hand. They try to capture 105 cards in tricks during the course of the hand.

The player on the trump setter’s right plays the first card of the trick. After the first card is played, the trump card is reveled. The highest trump card played into the trick wins the trick. If no trump card is played, the highest scoring card wins. Each card that is captured has point values.

Point Values

Jack- 30 Points

Nine- 20 Points

Ace- 11 Points

Ten- 10 Points

King- 3 Points

Queen- 2 Points

If a team is able to earn 105 points, then they score one point. If they were not able to earn 105 points, the trump callers score one point.

The round comes to an end and a new round begins. The game continues until a team has scored 12 points.


The game continues until a team has scored 12 points. At this point, the game comes to an end and they are declared the winners!

Nakoa Davis