OBJECT OF TILE UP: The object of Tile Up is to have the most points when the game comes to an end.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: One Game Board, One Deck of Twenty-Seven Cards, Four Cardboard Player Screens, One Hundred and Fourteen Stackable Number Tiles, One Cloth Bag, Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Puzzle Game



Tile up is a fun, puzzle game that takes strategic moves to win the most points. Ensure that your goal cards stay hidden behind your screen so that you can score more cards without other players blocking you! 

Block other players from scoring cards if you know what they are after. If you think you are the winner, try and cover all four corners of the board to bring the game to a quick end so that uou may win!


To begin setup, put all the numbered tiles into the bag and shake it. Next, put the gameboard and goal cards in the middle of the playing area. A scoresheet should then be prepared by writing everyone’s name at the top. 

Choose two goal cards and place them near the game board facing up. Each player is the given a screen to get set up in front of them. Draw five tiles from the bag and place a tile on each green area in the middle of the board. Only use tiles with the numbers three, four, and five. Other tiles may be returned to the bag.

Players will then gather three tiles from the bag as well as one goal card. They may then put them behind their screens. Players will announce the sum of their tiles, and the player with the highest number will go first.


During your turn, you may complete one of three actions. You may draw a goal card and place it behind your screen, draw three tiles from the bag and put those behind your screen, or you may place your tiles on the board. The player on your left will take their turn after you have completed your action, and gameplay will continue to the left around the group.

When choosing to place tiles, you may place as many tiles on the board as you want. Tiles must be placed in a way so that they are adjacent to another tile on the board. You may stack tiles if the tiles are two different colors and the tile on top has a number that is lower than the tile it is stacking on. 

The goal is to place tiles in a way that they form a shape that is on one of the two goal cards. This is how points are scored. You may also play tiles just to play them so they are used and blocking other players.

All players are able to attempt to form the shapes on the two goal cards, but each individual player must also attempt to form the shapes of the goal cards found behind their screens. Face up goal cards are immediately replaced when they have been scored. 

You may score as many goal cards as you like when it is your turn. You may not score goal cards at any other time. You may score one of your hidden goal cards and one of the face up goal cards if you are able! Once all corners of the board has been covered by  tiles, the game comes to an end!


The game comes to an end when all four corners have been covered by tiles. The player who has the most points wins the game!

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Nakoa Davis