OBJECT OF TRASH PANDAS: The object of Trash Pandas is to be the player with the most points when the game ends.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 players

MATERIALS: 54 cards, 6 tokens, and one die




The goal of Trash Pandas is to accumulate as much junk as you can before the trash can is empty! Each card represents different items that can be found in the trash can, or deck. Each player must try to accumulate the most of each type of card in order to score the most points. 

The player with the most points becomes the best Trash Panda. Are you ready to be a fluffy thief?


To begin setup, move the Token Actions card to a place where it is visible to all players. Shuffle the whole deck and deal cards to each player, face down, based off their order of play. The first player is the last person to have taken out the trash. The first player gets three cards, the second gets four cards, the third gets five cards, and the fourth gets six cards. The remaining deck can be placed face down in the center of the group, forming the trash can. 

Place the 6 tokens in a row in the middle of the playing area. Place the die near the tokens. The game is ready to begin!


To begin the game, the player with the fewest card is the first to roll the die. They will roll the die and take the token that matches the result from the middle row. Then, they must decide to continue to roll or to stop. If a die result matches a token you already have, you BUST and do not resolve any of your tokens.

If you do bust, draw one card from the trash can as a consolation prize. If you decide to stop rolling, and have not busted yet, you may resolve your tokens. As you resolve each token, it may be returned to the middle. Once tokens are resolved, your turn ends and the player to the left will roll.

When a trash can token is resolved, draw two cards from the trash can. When the tree token is resolved, stash two cards from your hand. To stash, set the cards aside, face down, until the end of the game. When the trash/tree token is resolved, either draw one card from the trash can or stash one card. 

When the theft token is resolved, you may steal one random card from another player’s hand, but Doggo or Kitteh cards may block this move if they are discarded. When a Bandit Mask token is resolved, draw a card from the top of the trash can, and show it to all other players. Players may then stash one card from their hand that matches that card; however, they must be stashed face up. For every card that is stashed by the other players, draw a card from the trash can. The recycle token may be exchanged for any token that was not previously taken when it is resolved. 

Cards may not be stashed unless a Bandit Mask or Tree action is used. Stashed cards are normally stored face down, except when the Bandit Mask token is used. The end of the game is triggered when there are no remaining cards in the trash can. Points are then tallied.

Sort the cards by type, and place them with their matching cards. Points are shown in the top left hand corner of each card. Points are based on who stashed the most of each type of card. If you stashed the most, you earn the top score, and go down the line. 

If two players tie with the same number of a type of card, then they each get the highest score minus a point. Score one point for each Blammo! card. The player with the most points wins!



When a Shiny card is added to your hand, you are now able to steal a stashed card from a player of your choice. “Distract” your competition with a shiny object long enough to steal their card like a true Trash Panda.

Yum Yum

When a Yum Yum card is acquired, it may be played on another player’s turn to force them to take an additional roll even if they have decided to stop. The goal is to make them spill their trash!


Play a Feesh card to earn the ability to sort through the discard pile and “fish” out any one card. You can use the new card on the same turn!

Mmm Pie!

Leftover pizza is always a good choice! This card allows you to resolve a token a second time if it is played at the same time. Meaning you draw double the cards.


These are the cards that will make you go bananas! Discard the Nanners card to cancel your last die roll! This allows you to help avoid a bust. It cancels your last roll, like it never happened. 


Use a Blammo! card to reroll and ignore the previous roll! Get some energy and take the chance! Blammo! cards are only worth one point when they are stashed. 


If another Trash Panda (player) attempts to steal a card from you, simply sic the dogs on them! Discarding a Doggo card prevents a player from stealing from you and you may immediately draw two cards from the trash can.


Time to get cat wild! The Kitteh card allows you to turn the table on a sticky fingered player. When a player tries to steal from you, discard a Kitteh card. Instead, you will be allowed to steal a random card from their hand. 


The game ends when there are no more cards left in the deck. All players tally their points, and the player with the most points wins the game!

Nakoa Davis