OBJECT OF TROLLIN: The objective of Trollin is to have the most points by the end of the game while avoiding the poison suit.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: One to Six Players

MATERIALS: 1 Standard 52 Card Deck

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Card Game



Trollin allows for a twist on the typical trick taking games. Although the goal is still to take the most tricks, if you acquire more cards of the poison suit than any other player, you earn no points. Is the trick really worth it? Play, and see!


To begin setup, remove the aces, tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings from the deck. These will be the playing cards. Players will be dealt nine cards each.  The remaining cards are placed to the side, as they will not be used in the round.

The game is ready to begin.


In this game, Spades are considered the trump suit. Hearts are considered the Poison suit. On their turn, players will play as a normal trick taking game. At the end of a round, the player who has acquired the most Heart cards receives no points. Other players will receive one point for each trick one throughout a round.

Players may declare themselves Trollin for the round, as long as they do it before any other player. This must be declared before any tricks have been played. This player must then take all available Heart cards throughout the round.

If they accomplish this, they score one point for each trick they took, but their opponents score nothing. If they do not accomplish his, they score no points. At the end of the game, players will tally their scores. The player with the most points wins!


The game comes to an end when a player meets a certain score or a certain number of rounds have been played. This is determined by the group before the game begins. The players will tally their points at the end of the game. Whoever has the most points is declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis