OBJECT OF TUTE: The objective of Tute is to win the most points.


MATERIALS: 1 40 Card Standard Spanish Pack

TYPE OF GAME: Point Trick Game



Tute is a very popular game found throughout Spain. Several versions of this game exist, all with the same basic rules and gameplay. These versions allow for a varying number of players and some different bidding, depending on what version is played. Team up, earn points, win tricks, and win the game!


The beginning dealer is chosen randomly. the dealer will shuffle the cards, allowing the player on their left to cut the deck. Each player will be dealt ten cards, beginning with the player on the dealer’s right.

The final card dealt should go to the dealer, this card will be revealed, and it will determine the trump suit for the hand. The dealer can then retrieve the card and add it to their hand. The game is ready to begin!


Cards are played in tricks, with the objective is to win the tricks that contain the highest scoring cards. Gameplay continues counterclockwise around the group. The player to the right of the dealer will lead the first trick.

Any card may be the leading card, and the other players must attempt to follow suit if they are able. You have to play a card which scores above the highest card if you are able. If you cannot follow suit, and no one has played a trump, you have to play a trump. If no trumps are played, the trick is won by the highest card of the leading suit.

A player may score additional points by declaring when they have the king and horse of the same suit. If the player has the king and horse of a suit that is not the trump suit, they are worth twenty points. The king and horse of the trump suit is worth forty points.

Players must win a trick in order to “sing”. Even if the combination is in your hand, you cannot sing until after you win a trick.

Once all the cards have been played, each team tallies all of the points from the tricks they have won. The last team to win a trick, earns ten additional points. After the points are tallied, the team who has accumulated the most points wins the game.


The game comes to an end once all of the cards have been played. All points are then tallied. The team with the most points wins the game!

Nakoa Davis