OBJECTIVE OF UNTOLD: ADVENTURES AWAIT: The objective of Untold is for the players to resolve the episode after the final scene has been completed.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Story Board, 4 Sets of edit Tokens, 4 Play and Pause Cards, 4 Player Dashboards, 10 Reaction Cards, 15 Outcome Cards, 14 Action Tokens, 10 Question Tokens, 1 Character Profile Pad, 1 Episode Guide Pad, 1 Set of Story Cubes, 1 Story Cubes Tray, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Cooperative Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 8 and Up 


Untold is a customizable storytelling game that allows players to immerse themselves into the role of heroes, all while a thrilling tale is unfolding in the background. No two games are the same, so players are able to play without knowing the outcome, even if they have played previously. Players are able to unleash their creativity, while also cooperating with one another to experience unforgettable tales!  


To begin the setup process, place the Story Board in the center of the playing area. Divide the Scene Cards, organizing them by their different types. There are five different types of Scene Cards. Each set of cards should be shuffled, and one of each is placed on their assigned space of the Board.  

Any unused cards are returned to the box. On the spaces of the Board, a certain number of Action Tokens and Question Tokens are placed, depending on the marked spaces. The individual decks of Reaction Cards and Outcome Cards are shuffled and placed in their own stack beside ethe board.  

Each player will receive a Dashboard, a player set of Edit Tokens, a Play and Pause Card, a profile sheet on their character, and an Episode Guide Sheet. All of the Story Cubes are placed into the Story Cubes Tray. Finally, someone should collect a pen or pencil, and then the game is ready to begin! 


Before the players can really dive into the game, they must begin by choosing the setting of the Episode. This is done by answering the questions found on the Episode Guide. Once all of the players have come to an agreement, someone will write the answers into the blanks. This ensures that each player has an idea of where the upcoming adventure will take place.  

The players will then decide the when, the exact location, the setting, and the character knowledge about the setting. Once all of this is decided, the game is ready to begin. The players will begin by determining what perilous situation the world is facing in the first Scene, A Dangerous Dilemma. They will reveal the first Scene Card, and all nine cubes are rolled into the tray. They are then moved to the different parts of the card, setting the scene for the game. 

The players will complete their character profiles, answering all of the questions that they are prompted to answer. In Scene Two, the players will add a twist to the Episode, allowing a dark force of some kind to enter into the game by revealing the next Scene Card. In Scene Three, the players will go to a new location, ensuring that the unexpected twist is rightfully dealt with. In Scene Four, the players will realize the truth about the threat that they encountered.  

Finally, in Scene Five, the players will finally attempt to put an end to the terrible schemes that have been unearthed throughout the Episode. There are two different dangers that the players will be forced to overcome, and their ability is totally dependent on them. If the players are able to resolve the threats, then they win! On the other hand, if they cannot come to a resolution, then everyone loses.  


The game comes to an end after the Final Showdown phase has been completed. Players will fill out the assigned sections of the Episode Guide. Players should also answer the two questions found inside the Episode Guide. If the players are able to resolve the episode, then they win the game. If they fail to resolve the episode before the Final Showdown phase ends, then they lose the game.  

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